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To see the Al Controled enemies that appear in this mode, click here.

Zombies Mode or Zombies is a limited game mode in ZombsRoyale.io.


  • This will have the same rules as normal Squads mode, click here to see the rules.
    • Except this time, there will be Zombies, which are undead creatures.
    • Another rule is when night falls, Zombies spawn more frequently and become stronger.
    • There will also be another list on the top right of the screen underneath the map. Listing the amount of Zombies you killed.


The key to this game mode is camping. The zombie horde is impossible to beat in the open, so winning the game relies on hiding in buildings where zombies cannot attack. You generally want to stay in the building which will be the last one not affected by the storm. Drop in the middle of the map and quickly get a few guns and meds and run into the best house. You generally need one or two guns with high DPS, like shotguns, machine guns, and ARs. The rest of your set should be meds, to store for later. You need lots of ammo to fend off the zombies, but it is not that much of a priority - 100 bullets or 40 shotgun bullets should be enough to do for now.

When the storm circle appears, pick the house that will be the safest as the storm sets in. Move early in the game - if you move too late zombies will pile up around your current building and it will be a lot more dangerous. Choose a house that zombies cannot enter easily - big houses are better.

When you reach the house, destroy as much zombies as possible with your hands. If you lean on the wall, you can hit zombies. Be careful not to stand near windows, where zombies can hurt you. Focus on big zombies! They can open doors which can lead to zombies rushing your house. Other players may try to invade your house as well - fight them off, your priority is holding your house down to protect yourself. If someone is already in the house, you need to kill them. A cool trick: if zombies are piling up in a house where someone is inside, open the doors and run through, bringing the zombies inside with you. The person will run out and the zombies will chase them, leaving the house empty for you.

As the circle sets in, zombies will flood around your house. It is important not to move, as the zombies will follow your movement and if they reach the doors they will attack. If you do move, try to move the zombie horde away from the house doors. Otherwise, stay where you are and attack the few zombies that flood through. Your house doors may also be open - at this point in the game, big zombies will pry your door open anyways. Some zombies will drop useful items when they die, so keep this in mind as you kill the ones that seep through into the house.

When the storm comes, stay in the storm! It will kill you slower than the zombies will. This is where your meds come in - use them to maximize your time in the storm. A med kit should be used when you reach 50-60 health, as they take a very long time to be used. Usually, you will outlast your opponent even in the storm as they usually panic and try to fight the zombies in the open.

If you choose not to camp and fight the zombies the way you would in normal squads, going for airdrops are good ideas. The airdrops drop 2 Mythics instead of 1 and the loot in general is significantly more and better than other game modes. Snipers, Miniguns, RPGs, and the SCAR are not good weapons to fight zombies, as they slow down your speed and zombies can rush you, this is especially important in the final circles. Shotguns and ARs are good for this gamemode, and Tridents are even better as they can impulse the zombies away from you, be careful though, because the Trident might accidentally suck you in as well.

If you do not camp then kill off actual players as fast as possible because near the end of the game the zombies are so overpowered that they give you no chance to engage in battles. Ammo is really important in this game mode because you are certainly going to run out if you are killing zombies. Get all the ammo crates you see and pick up then drop a weapon to get more ammo.

Proper placement, composure, and strategy are the key points to this game mode. Good luck!


  • Due to the Zombies in this game mode, players now say that the name of the game makes a lot more sense, due to the "Zombs" in part of its name.
  • This is a parody of Zombs.io, except without building, and with more detailed Zombies.
  • It's so far the only game mode to have Al controlled entities.
  • Previously, Zombies being overpowered complaints have been heard frequently. Because of this, the Zombies were slightly nerfed.
  • Unlike in Zombs.io, the Zombies appear more detailed.