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The XBow, not to be confused with the Crossbow, is an unique weapon that can only be found in airdrops. The XBow can only be found in the mythic rarity, meaning that it is a mythic unique weapon.

Info on the XBow[]

The XBow is a sniper like weapon with a very long range. It has the FOV equal to that of the Crossbow and AWP. When fired, the XBow shoots 2 arrows at once, dealing 60 damage per arrow. Both arrows have very little space between them, causing them to (usually) hit the same target at once, inflicting a whopping 120 damage.


  • The slow speed of the arrows fired and the XBow's long reload time makes it a difficult weapon to handle, and it requires lots of practice to use. Players must be skilled at predicting an enemy's movement and aiming in general.
  • Try aiming at your enemy in a faraway distance, because this weapon is not used to handle bullet spammer weapons such as the M4. If missed, quickly switch to another close ranged weapon if other people noticed you.
  • This weapon can be also used as a lookout for enemy’s because of it’s long FoV


This weapon has the same FoV as the crossbow and the AWP.