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Weapons Race is a limited game mode in Zombsroyale.io.


  • A player must obtain 46 kills with guns to win.
  • 2 kills gets you to the next weapon.
  • There is a leaderboard on the left of the screen, listing the Top 5 players with the most kills.
  • The houses and locations are very different from the normal island. There are no rivers and the map is also considerably smaller than the map in other game modes.

Weapons in Order[]

This is the list of weapons from starting weapon to finishing weapon.

  1. P2000
  2. Revolver
  3. Glock
  4. Dual Berettas
  5. Deagle
  6. P90
  7. MP5
  8. Uzi
  9. Assault Shotgun
  10. Tactical Shotgun
  11. Pump Shotgun
  12. Tommy Gun
  13. M4
  14. AR-15
  15. SCAR
  16. AK
  17. Bolt-Action Sniper
  18. VSS
  19. Semi-Auto Sniper
  20. Minigun
  21. RPG
  22. Flamethrower
  23. Crossbow



  • Although the P2000 is considerably a weak weapon when joining late. You can pick off players using slow weapons to level up quickly.
  • When in a new server, if you are alright at the game, then you could get two kills quickly and get to the Revolver.


  • The Revolver can be tricky to use with players back at the P2000 trying to spam bullets at you. You will often have to risk getting ganged up on.
  • At extremely close range, you can pop off four well landed shots and completely kill the player. Wasting those shots will result you into separate reloading. Try to tap fire if you can dodge and aim well or pick off low health players.


  • Being a little faster than the P2000 if you time your bursts well, you will get to the Berettas in no time.

Dual Berettas[]

  • Dual Berettas are usually easy to use for most players and can be used as an SMG! 15 damage with a high ROF can really deal a high DPS and get you to the next weapon quickly.


  • You will only get to the P90 fast if you are good at aiming and dodging. If you cannot use the Deagle properly, try to pick off low health, infrequent moving or AFK players.


  • Being known by many as one of the easiest weapons to use in the game, the P90 can get you to the next weapon in the matter of seconds, due to its high DPS and ROF.


  • Same strategies as the P90 with better mid-range capabilities. Note that the MP5 is slower than the P90.


  • Same strategies as the P90 with better mid-range capabilities. Note that the Uzi is slower than the P90.

Assault Shotgun[]

  • Attack players who move infrequently or AFK players. You may stand a chance even with a ton of players spamming their SMGs.
  • Be sure you aim well, because the Assault Shotgun is accurate, making the shots easier to dodge.

Tactical Shotgun[]

  • Hold down the trigger, thankfully, you can still use it effectively even if players try to keep distance, at the cost of lower damage. If you are close to someone, start shooting at them, dealing significant damage with good aim.

Pump Shotgun[]

  • One shot with all pellets landed will get you to the next gun fast. But most players will try to keep distance to at least not get killed in a single hit. Likely, they will be in range, close enough to deal at least lethal enough damage.

Tommy Gun[]

  • Merge AR and SMG strategies with this fast ROF weapon with a big magazine. It is usually extremely easy to use to get to the next gun, but take note that the ROF is slower than that of other SMGs.


  • Merge AR and SMG strategies with this fast ROF weapon with a big magazine. It is usually extremely easy to use to get to the next gun, but take note that the ROF is slower than that of other SMGs.


This AR is fast like an SMG, it will get you to the next weapon really fast.


Same as the M4 but with lower damage.


This AR has a very slow rate of fire but its dealing almost 20 HP.Try to use it outside if you have good aim.

Bolt-Action Sniper

Being know as the most common sniper in game. the reload is slow but if you land 2 shots on others, you will kill them. Keep in range and go out side because if you shoot your opponent close enough, it will only deal 12-16 damage.


This is the second most common sniper. With long range and high rate of fire, you can use this as a pistol if you are in a tight situation.

Semi-Auto Sniper

Just like the Bolt-Action Sniper but higher magazine and higher rate of fire. Note that each bullet only deals 32-36 damage.


One of the most annoying thing your opponent has to deal with because this weapon has super high ROF, very wide spread and a lot of ammo. It will get to the next weapon really quickly.


One of the most high-damage-per-bullet in game.The downside is that you have to hit twice your opponent (if your opponent has full heath) and the bullet is quite slow. You have to have very good aim and predicting player`s movement.


Just like the Minigun but it has less ammo (shoot fire not normal small bullets). After you hit your opponent, they will continue to take damage (1-2) for a while.


This is the last weapon in Weapons Race and also the hardest. It has very slow ROF, and very slow bullets (arrows).


At one point, when a player failed to claim first place in this game, the fate message will say, "(Player Name), your team perished in battle" which is normally said to a player in 50v50 if their team is destroyed.


  • When it first came out, the Burst Pistol, Tommy Gun, Assault Shotgun and P90 were not included in the gamemode. The reasoning for this is that the Tommy Gun, Assault Shotgun and P90 didn't exist in the game yet. The Burst Pistol's absence, however, doesn't seem to have a clear reason.
    • For an unknown reason, the Hunting Rifle was then removed on the second time Weapons Race came out. This is probably to make room for the Tommy Gun, Assault Shotgun, P90 and Burst Pistol.
  • It is the only mode that has a Leaderboard (the International Leaderboard ranking all the players in the world does not count, as it is not seen in-game).
  • The map is not the same like in other game modes, and is the first mode to have a different map and weapons that are not normally seen in other modes.
  • Weapons Race previously had 40 kills needed to win, however, now it has 46 kills needed on its second visit to the game. This was due to its second existence coming after the addition of the Assault Shotgun, Tommy Gun and the P90. And an unknown reason for the Burst Pistol to somehow get included in the mode. It's kills needed will probably extend as more guns come out.
  • Despite it's name, the mode is only filled with entirely guns and non-firearm weapons such as Grenades were not included.
  • Weapons Race reveals that there are 22 guns in the game currently (23 if you count the Hunting Rifle, 24 if you count the Crossbow and 28 if you count the guns used in Crystal Clash).
  • This is truly the only time Revolvers and Tommy Guns are seen higher than epic.