ZombsRoyale.io Wiki

The Vector is an SMG in ZombsRoyale.io. It only spawns as a Mythic. Depending on the range it's used at, the Vector can deal from 17 to 19 damage per bullet. It is a special Airdrop weapon with an insane ROF. It is the best gun in zombs.


  • Players should not try to fight a Vector user at close range. The Vector deals a maximum theoretical DPS of 288, so it can kill someone in less than a second if the user lands all shots at close range.
  • Beware of your ammo count. The Vector's high rate of fire and small magazine mean you will quickly burn through your ammo. Try to keep your magazine full when entering a fight.
  • The Vector is also a somewhat decent mid-range weapon, its minimum DPS is 154 which is about as much as a lower rarity of an AR. Be aware that the spread will be more loose, especially to those who don’t or do aim well.
  • Areas filled with destructible items are not a problem at all; the high DPS will help you cut all of the destructibles down in seconds, eliminating almost all possible cover for enemies.
  • The Vector is excellent for close range combat, so it can pair very well with a Shotgun - another close-range weapon. Dump your Vector's entire magazine on an enemy, and instead of reloading, finish them off with a Shotgun. You may also only use the Vector if you have trouble aiming with Shotguns.
  • Duck behind doors or other cover while reloading, or switch to another weapon.


  • Just right behind the Minigun, the Vector has the second highest ROF in the game, being about 24 shots per second. Which means it can shoot 1,440 shots in just one full 60 second minute!
  • The Vector is actually a burst weapon.
    • It has the highest theoretical DPS in the game: 288.
  • The Vector and the M4 Assault Rifle both use the same exact colors.
  • The Vector is based off the KRISS Vector.