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The VSS is a Sniper Rifle in ZombsRoyale.io, it spawns as Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Info on VSS[]

The VSS is the only fast firing sniper in the game so far, which lets it have some advantages over other guns. For one, it has more range than all the other classes of guns, and the same reach as an AR-15 or SCAR, two, it shoots just a little quicker than a Revolver, and three, it excels at dealing damage.


  • The VSS is an ideal Sniper Rifle for beginners, the fast ROF will help them succeed in long range battles without the need of any experienced aiming. New players may use the VSS until they are more used to using Sniper Rifles with better damage, but a slower ROF.
  • In order to exceed in long range combat, try to use a legendary VSS, as it can easily deal 14 damage as its maximum power and drops off to 12 at the longest possible range. The epic and rare on should be used only for mid range unless you are in a desperate need for a long range weapon.
    • Any VSS can also do well in close range unlike other Sniper Rifles, making it a lifesaver if it’s the only weapon you’ve got. Make sure your opponent is not using a Shotgun or any weapon that is significantly better for CQC.
  • Sometimes, players using low-rarity ARs won’t stand a chance against you with a legendary VSS. However, steer clear of those who use a higher rarity.
  • Keep you’re eye on the low magazine, you may have to risk reloading multiple times thanks to how quickly the small mag is emptied, even if it only take a second to reload.
  • Since the VSS is suppressed, it can be used for sneak attacks, preferably on players without shields (a legendary VSS deals 112 damage per mag/second). Use the high FOV and long range combined with the suppression, but still take note that your shots can still be seen by the enemy, so land all of them to actually make the enemy weak enough for an easier kill.
  • You may also use the VSS as if it is an improved Pistol, since it lacks spread and is 100% accurate like all Sniper Rifles. This means that it may be better for long or even mid range than most people would desirably choice which includes ARs.


  • The VSS is the fastest firing sniper, but unlike its real-life counterpart, it is fully automatic instead of semi-automatic. Also, the real life VSS Vintorez uses 9x39mm ammo, unlike the VSS in ZombsRoyale, which uses small ammo that is presumably 9mm ammo.
    • It also makes the quietest firing noise of all guns, and for some reason, is quieter than the Silenced AR-15. This feature was later fixed to actually have the AR’s name make sense.
  • The VSS's full name is Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya or in english, the "Special Sniper Rifle".
  • Oddly, enough, the VSS's damage increases when you are closer to your target. Unlike other Sniper Rifles, where the story is the exact opposite.
  • In October, the VSS went on a complete rework:
    • The design had its appearance changed.
    • It's magazine was decreased from 10 bullets to 8 bullets.
    • The damage was decreased by a fair amount.
    • The rarities were tweaked from all to Rare, Epic and Legendary.
    • Ammo was changed, from large bullets to small bullets. Therefore making the VSS the only Sniper Rifle to use small ammo rather than large ammo. This is so then it has common enough ammo to ensure it doesn't waste shots that quickly.
    • The VSS had the biggest change of all weapons.
  • The VSS is one of the guns that weren't remade in the map remake, along with the Deagle, Semi-Auto Sniper, Minigun and Glock. However, along with the said weapons, it was changed in October as mentioned earlier.