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The Uzi is a weapon in ZombsRoyale.io, it spawns from Common to Legendary.

Info on Uzi[]

The Uzi is a fast firing burst that excells at close range, it deals the same damage as the MP5 but shoots slower due to the bursts.


  • Although the Uzi is a burst, it can still deal a high DPS, thanks to the fast ROF.
  • The Uzi itself has extremely similar tactics to the MP5 in terms of strategy...
    • You can pair the Uzi with a Shotgun, either as a backup or finishing weapon.
      • Sometimes, the Uzi can be preferable over a Shotgun, especially when it comes to mid-range.
    • Enemies hiding behind cover to heal (unless the object is not destructible), is not a problem at all, The Uzi can destroy objects faster than a player can finish using a MedKit or a Big Shield Potion. Watch out if they have a “Shotgun surprise” though!
    • The legendary Uzi is the goal for DPS since it will have better damage than its lower level counterparts.
  • Despite the Uzi shooting in bursts, spamming them with decent aiming or as a spray-and-pray weapon.


  • The Uzi is the fastest firing burst...
    • Due to it's top rank of ROF in terms of bursts, the bursts are very hard to notice as it shoots very fast, you would have to look very closely to notice it.
  • The Uzi was previously called the SMG (Burst), then it’s name was remodeled into “Burst SMG”, then finally to Uzi.
    • The first two Uzi skins resembled a real a MAC-10, while the current design actually resembles a real-life Uzi, as well as it was the second guns in the game to be renamed and the first to have its design changed in Season 3.
  • In real life, the Uzi was created in Israel, and was first used in the Yom Kippur War.
  • Although the Uzi does not have a Fortnite counterpart yet, it may resemble Fortnite’s upcoming Machine Pistol.