ZombsRoyale.io Wiki

The UMP is a SMG in ZombsRoyale.io.

It can be found in crates and Golden Chests.

The UMP spawns at epic and legendary. (purple and gold)

The UMP does the most damage out of all SMGs, doing 13-17 damage per hit if it is an epic, and and 16-18 damage per hit if it is a legendary.

The UMP's DPS is 180-216, meaning at maximum damage it has enough damage to send someone out of the game in a second, even if they are at full health and shield.

The UMP has a mag size of 35 small ammo.

The UMP takes a second to reload.

The UMP is a very good damage-wise weapon, and can sometimes be used as a replacement for an AR.

However, try to use the UMP in a short-medium distance though, because the bullet reach is not extremely far and does less damage in longer ranges.

Overall, the UMP is pretty good, but many people ignore it because of the P90 and Vector.


If you end up carrying the P90 or Vector with the UMP, the P90 and Vector's astounding fire rate will give your enemy a hard time responding due to low health. So, once the enemy goes to heal, spam them with UMP shots.

In mid range, use a sniper to deal some damage, then use a reverse impulse to get them closer to you. After that, blast them with the UMP.


The UMP is a Heckler & Koch weapon, along with the P2000 and MP5.