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This is a list of some helpful Tips and tricks for ZombsRoyale.io. Feel free to add your own!


If you don't have the time or motivation to read through the theory of itemization, here's a good all-round build:

Assault Rifle in first slot, a close range weapon like a p90 or shotgun in the second slot, a big damage dealer like a sniper or RPG in the third slot, grenades in the fourth slot, and meds, preferably hybrids, in the fifth slot. If a shotgun or SMG is not found then use a legendary special gun such as goo gun or flamethrower.

Itemizing is the act of making sure your loadout is effective for the current situation. What will be referred to as the "situation" is made up of many variables that include skill of enemies, equipment of enemies, current location on the map, circle location, and more.

  • The usefulness of items will change as the game goes on and your situation changes.
    • AOE damage such as RPGs and damage-dealing grenades are great in enclosed spaces. This is when you can camp and clear the room more often. So, AOE damage is usually more useful during the early to mid game. However, you might get lucky with a house in the final circle.
    • Long range guns such as sniper rifles are more useful outside of closed spaces. This is because if you are to close to a target, their damage will decrease dramatically. Check sniper rifles for exact numbers. (Note: an exception is sniper rifle use in camping because you can position your self far away enough from a window that you can still do maximum damage to anyone trying to peek.)
    • Medium range weapons such as some SMGs and assault rifles are useful at all stages of the game. They're versatile guns and you should have at least one in your inventory at all times.
    • Short range guns are useful in short range. There's no reason to use them at medium ranges when many other options are better, and most short range guns' bullets won't even travel to long ranges.
    • Damage over time is interesting, and someone more qualified than me should answer this. In my opinion, they're guns used as personal preferences. However, these are definitely a secondary weapon, and you should make sure to maximize your damage by switching to a primary weapon while the damage-over-time is damaging your enemies.
    • In the early-game, small shield potions are the single best healing item you can get. Once you get 50 shield, however, you should focus on obtaining medkits or large shield potions. Once you get to the late-game or if fights break out too often, you should drop items that take too long to use and go back to finding small pots. The usefulness of hybrid potions make them viable at every stage of the game. Pick them up and drop other meds when ever you find them. The 2 best healing items in the game are Healing Gun and hybrid potion, since the Healing Weapon can help you heal up quickly, and hybrid potions add 25 health and 25 shield, making it very useful. In the end of the game, it is important to realise that there won't be enough time and/or space to use a medkit, big pot or any heal item that takes a long time to use, so in the late-game you should focus on obtaining, again, minis or hybrids.
    • A good organization method in your inventory is to have items/guns in order of rarity, common to mythic. For example, healing items and grenades go in the first two squares, then a rare Pump Shotgun, then Epic P90 so on and so forth


Spam your interact button early game so you can get a weapon before your enemies. Try to not stop moving for at least the first minute of the game. If you find a house with a some crates and a gold chest that further away from the crates, open the crates first. You don't have to rush to the gold chest, since you're going to open the crates later anyway, so save up a bit of time and go to the crates that are closer to you. When you have two guns that are the same type (AR, sniper etc,) that have a high rarity like mythic, you don't really need both of them. You can save one for a teammate if you have one or just keep the better one and leave the other one, since it'll just be taking up space in your inventory. If you can't stand the chance of someone else stumbling upon it then leave try to leave it next to the gas so that if someone else wants to take it they have to go throw losing some health first.

Effective Room Clearing/Camping[]

Room clearing is the act of making sure a room, house, or other area is safe.

  • Be familiar with camping and use that knowledge against campers.
  • Sides of houses with a window but not a door are the safest to check. This ensures that an impulse grenade is the only quick way to get to you. Otherwise, an attacker would have to walk out the door and around a corner.
  • Don't approach a window head-on. Instead, walk up to it while hugging the wall and do a quick peek inside before immediately backing up. This way, if someone tries to shoot you through the window, you've predicted the attack and moved away. If there was no one in the house, you get to feel really cool. listen for sounds of meds, switching weapons, reloading, etc that might indicate people inside a house, or the tip of a gun sticking out of the wall.

Camping is the act of staying in one place and and ambushing anyone that comes along, as opposed to hunting for kills and moving about.

  • Be familiar with room clearing and use that knowledge against room clearers.
  • High damage burst weapons such as AK-47s, Shotguns, SMGs, RPGs, Sniper Rifles, and Grenades should be used when camping. This ensures that even if you only get one shot off at an enemy, the damage will have been worth it.
  • Be quiet.


  • Bullets have travel time in this game. Learn the bullet speeds for your favorite guns and lead your shots accordingly.
  • Strafe so you get hit by less bullets.
  • When teamfighting, try to flank, or attack an enemy from different sides.
  • Airdrops are immune to bullets, you can use them as walls.
  • Make sure you aren't low on ammo.
  • You can pickup and drop weapons to loot a clip of their ammo. (Assault rifles will give you 30 medium, RPGs will give you 1 large, etc.)
  • Reload as often as possible.
  • When in a fight, keep your health and shield in mind. Check up on it as often as you can.
  • When in close fights, use an smg, or you can swap to shotgun, then your AR, then swap to shotgun, etc. That will get more damage in in a close fight.
  • When you find a quick spot to hide, clear it first, maybe by shooting at it with an assault rifle, rpg, or grenade to see if it is empty.
  • If possible, you can use golden chests as shields, since they can't be broken by bullets. The downsides are they can be opened accidentally by you, weapons like a rpg or grenade can hit you with it's blast, and if the area is too tight, you might not be able to get out behind it to shoot.


Land wherever you feel comfortable. The following is a popularity guide. (Most to least)

  1. Blossom Burbs
  2. Mystic Forest
  3. Drifter District
  4. Sunny Shores
  5. Lucky Lake
  6. Space Base ll
  7. Radical Reef
  8. Clowny Circus
  9. Wild West
  10. Faraway Farm


  • Hybrids stack (up to a total of 4). Make sure you've healed the full 25 health and shield before using another one or else you will get less health and shield. If you drink one right after another you will only gain a little bit more health and/or shield and would have wasted the hybrid.
  • You can bait people into trying to attack you by healing and then switching to a weapon or grenade when they move into range. However, make sure you can kill them before they kill you.
  • Don't take fights you can't win. However, sometimes you need to push your limits to learn how intense of a fight you can participate in. Dying is fine if you learn something from it.
  • Use your body to block enemy bullets if you're knocked down near a teammate. That way, they get an extra 300 hp meat shield. However, you might want to hide instead if you want to survive and get revived.
  • Recognize bots: they move in straight lines and chase you no matter what. They can open doors from further than real players, and they are able to hold them open against your will. Since they'll chase you endlessly, an easy way to kill them is to never stop shooting them, preferably a shotgun or minigun or anything with a good spray.
  • You can camp the edge of the gas to catch people weakened by the gas. However, you might get cornered by people approaching from the center, and you might not even find people to kill.
  • Watch out for skin camouflage, especially with Pink Afro skin users, hiding in the pink blossom tree forest.
  • Watch for people in the bushes.
  • "Save" meds/guns by hiding them away from other people or in houses so you can use them later or drop them into the storm so they don't get stolen.
  • Play with and against people better than you. Learn from them, and you'll improve. You can also ask the Zombsroyale Discord for help.
  • If you're below 30 health and not playing solo, suicide and get revived for 30 free health. Make sure you and your team are safe before you attempt this.
  • Find a familiar way to switch between items. Scrolling and clicking the item icons all have their own pros and cons; try them out, and use whatever combination of the three you prefer!
  • If you see people walk into houses, don't run face first into them later, forgetting they were there.
  • You can heal without making noise. Punch using your melee then immediately swap to your heals and use it. There are other ways to do it, but this is the easiest. It will take a while before you can master it, but it's worth it. Practice makes perfect.
  • Drop healing items and hide somewhere nearby. Wait for your target to consume it, then start firing at it. Use it at the edges of the gas circle and wait for people fleeing the gas.
  • Another way to bait an enemy during a fight is to hold out some heals, which the other player will think you are low, then they will try to attack you thinking they can win. Pull out a shotgun and SMG and kill them before actually using the heals.
  • If you are hiding in a bush, either to ambush someone or to heal up, don't move around! Try not to move around, since if someone else is passing by they can see and hear the bush rustling. Then they will shoot at you and you will die or lose a lot of health.