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Thor's hammer was a weapon available in seasons 5 and 6 through the Thor's Hammer supply drop, which was later replaced by the Trident of the Depths.

Thor's hammer came back in season 20, and it is currently availiable in season 22-25. It was removed again in Season 26.

Thor's Hammer is currently available through airdrop crates only. It had a unique ability, after firing once, Thor's hammer will take 2-3 seconds to charge up again to for use.

Thor's hammer does not need ammo to use.

A direct hit will do 65-70 damage, and a splash target hit will do 35-40 damage. When it hits any players, it will also push them back.

The knockback on Thor's Hammer is one of the reasons it is so unique.


Thor's Hammer is one of the only two mythic throwable melees, the other one is Trident of the Depths.

Thor's Hammer is not only mythic throwable to have been vaulted and unvaulted, the Trident has been unvaulted in Season 26.