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The Tactical Shotgun is a weapon in Zombsroyale.io, it spawns as Common, Uncommon, and Rare.

Info on Tactical Shotgun[]

The Tactical Shotgun is great for close range. It can be used for mid-range, too, but it's bullets spread more the farther out they go, leading to less effect. It deals less damage than the Pump Shotgun but it's pellets travel farther as well as it has a higher ROF.


  • Just like the spam-fire strategy for the Assault Shotgun, the Tactical Shotgun can be spammed as well since it is semi-automatic.
  • If you are right next to an enemy, the Tactical Shotgun can deal a devastating DPS of over 200. Due to the high damage and high rate of fire (for a Shotgun), the Tactical can outclass a Pump Shotgun or SMG when you have full shields and health.
  • The Tactical is by far the best Shotgun for people who are new to the weapon class. Most newbies need spam-fire to save themselves from the consequences of missed shots.
  • Just like other Shotguns, be careful that your whole magazine does not reload at once. In that case, you will lose the whole purpose of the Tactical Shotgun. If you are caught doing this during a fight, try to take as little damage as possible until you can spam again or try to tap-fire your shots.
  • The Tactical Shotgun is actually a somewhat mid-range Shotgun. Combine that advantage with the semi-automatic fire pattern.
    • This advantage over the Pump means that the Tactical could be a lifesaver if you can't get any closer to a target and/or the Tac is the only thing you have. However, if you have an AR or SMG, those weapons should be much better used for mid-range, as the Tac would only deal its minimum damage at mid-range.


  • This is the first gun to have it's physical appearance change.
  • The Tactical Shotgun in the map update then got re-skinned once again, looking similar to its second design but with a navy blue color and slightly bigger in size.
    • In fact, the first two designs resembled the appearance of the UTAS UTS-15. However, the UTAS is a pump-action while the Tactical is semi-automatic.
  • Finally, sometime in October, the design was changed to look like a Franchi SPAS-12 with the stock folded and no butt hook.
    • In fact, the SPAS-12 is a semi-automatic shotgun which is what applies to the Tactical Shotgun. However, the SPAS-12 can also be used as a pump-action and the Tactical Shotgun (hencing its name) does not seem to ever switch to a pump-action mode.
  • Dealing the least amount of damage among the Shotguns, it has the fastest fire rate and longest range of all Shotguns.