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This is a list of some basic strategies in ZombsRoyale.io. Before reading, you should already know the basics of the game and weapons.

Essential Knowledge[]

1. Don't fight a player with a short range weapon in short range. Keep a distance away from that player and fire using long-range or mid-range weapons such as ARs or snipers.

2. Reverse Impulse and Impulse Grenades are very helpful. They can be used to pull back an escaping target or push away an advancing one, save you or your teammates from the storm, drag an enemy into a house or "jump" through a wall of a house to where you can use your close-range guns, and much more. They're a versatile item, and are an indispensable addition to anyone's repertoire of skills.

3. The other grenades are also viable in their own ways, and learning how to use them will greatly improve your gameplay.

4. If you're aiming for more kills, land in an area where more people land (i.e. Radical Reef/Mystic Forest/Blossom Burbs/Lucky Lake). But watch out for your health as you might get killed in the process!

5. If you're aiming for more wins, try to land at an area without too many people and start off by collecting some weapons.

Survival Strategies[]

1. Land far away from the plane.

2. Avoid where most people go.

3. Try to be the first one to loot as you may get weapons before your enemies do.

4. You only need a few weapons (like 2-3) ; save room for Medkits, Bandages and Potions.

5. You can get more ammo by switching your weapon with one on the ground and then switching back. You don't have to rely on ammo on the ground. This is really useful as most guns on the ground will have 30 ammo in them, and that adds up.

6. Don't be greedy for loot unless it's worth it.

7. When you're low on bullets, don't attack people if they don't have the loot you want.

8. When you are being shot, go to the other side of the bullets and run around the shooter (strafing left and right to dodge bullets). (If you're being shot from the left, move left to the shooting) you may get hit more than once but at least they'll have to aim again and you have time to shoot back. [May not be a good strategy when you are low on shield and health]

9. If you see crates in the gas (except golden and ammo crates), shoot them and see if the loot inside is worth losing health for.

10. When running away from a better player, hide in houses. It buys time to quickly use a few bandages, and forces the attacker to change their strategy from long-range to short-range. Plus, some houses may have leftover loot that you can probably use.

11. A house with two entrances is always better than a house with one. It grants an escape plan when things go sideways. Three is even better! Don't forget that you can use impulse grenades to push yourself out of a building as an escape plan. (assuming your playing solos not duos or squads because in duos or squads, you can get pinched).

12. Wear a basic outfit/melee skin/backpack (skin). Don't wear a high skill skin if you are trying to keep a low profile but also don't do full default, people will go for you thinking you're an easy target.

13. Always try to stay away from a fight. If you hear bullets, it's best to hide or go the other direction.

14. If you're going in small huts (ones with 1 door only), ensure no one is around, otherwise, they will think you are an easy target and will start attacking you.

15. Medkits, Bandages, and Power Potions take time to consume, so look around to ensure nobody is around then you can use it. Try getting to cover before you start healing.

16. If you see 2 strong players fighting, stay away and hide in houses. After they killed each other/either one of them survived but weakened, charge out to finished the weakened player off, and go grab the loot you need.It is called 'The Benefited Fisherman Tactic' (from a Chinese story) or 'cleaning tactic'.

Kill Strategies[]

1. Hotdrop, or drop early in a round if you are pretty decent at the game. A lot of people will drop right away, and you can get some quick kills if you get weapons quickly.

2. Try to use a Pump Shotgun (Or a Rtactical Shotgun, since the bullets are more centered instead of in a cone) if you have one, while at close range. They are wonderful because you can deal a lot of damage in a single shot, but they require some skill to use effectively.

3. In long-range battles, it is best to use a sniper rifle and AR combo to chip away at the enemies health.

4. Try to dodge bullets when fighting, move back and forth and try to find cover, don't hold still or you'll get shot and die.

5. In Duos or Squads, your friend can revive you. Don't run from players with name tags, they are on your team.

6. Switch to your melee when running to increase your speed. (some weapons, like the SCAR, slows you down even more).

7. You can damage yourself but not teammates with an RPG. So be careful not to hit yourself with one!

8. Hiding inside of houses can be risky. Trapping yourself in an enclosed area where the enemy can take cover while you can't? Never open the door unless you have a plan. And hug the walls - usually hiding in houses allow a brief moment of stall to get in that hybrid or small shield, and standing near window for easy shots kinda defeats that purpose.

9. Have guns for short, mid and long range battles. A good combination is a shotgun or SMG for close range, an Assault Rifle for mid range, and a Sniper for long range.

10. Snipe at everyone you see, sometimes you can clean up an unsuspecting player by doing this. This gives you free loot to utilize, and grants you an elimination

11 Tag airdrops on your map. (Press M and click anywhere on the map to place a marker.) This allows you to locate the coveted airdrop weapon, even if it's been taken - you simply need to hunt the person who took it around the area where you put a marker.

12. Preferably use WASD. It makes it a lot easier when picking up loot, grabbing chests/crates, and makes it easier to shoot.

13. To rack up some easy kills, have a RPG , a Rare or higher shotgun, or a Flamethrower and go to a hut, and shoot people who look in. Make sure to pay attention to the gas and leave when you need to.

14. Always pick up a Bolt-Action Sniper. They pack quite a punch, and are good for easier finishes.

15. Pumps might seem pretty good, but they slow your speed down. Only use pumps when in close range, and if the opponent moves out of the range, then switch to an AR or SMG. (It's better to use pumps when in a building or your opponent is in one.)

16. If you have a Bolt-Action Sniper, try to lure an opponent that doesn't see you by sniping the player. If he doesn't die and he is shooting you, try run away from the gunfire and at the same time, hide in the trees. Once the player come close enough, pull out a short-ranged weapon (SMG or Shotgun) and come close to him. Then you'll have the advantage to shoot him down with a close range weapon.

17. During the end games use Fast firing weapons to prevent others from being able to safely enter the circle, This means that the enemy will have to find another entrance or run through your stream of bullets. This works more when in squads however is still useful in solos and duos.

18. Order your weapons in a way that you remember. The last slots take longer to switch to. This will let you easily take out an enemy. It is better to keep healing items in your last slot, since you only want to use healing items when you are safe.

19. When playing with a Squad, make sure everyone has a fast- firing weapon. If 4 streams of bullets are constantly firing at an enemy, it is almost impossible to survive.

20. If the enemy is behind a door and you both have a shotgun, be the one to open the door. Rapidly press fire right after you open the door. This lets you get the first shot in.

21. In all modes use a Sniper to look for other players fighting. When one of them dies and the other starts healing, snipe the person and switch to a fast firing weapon to finish them off. This is especially effective if you jump near the beginning(not recommended) or if you are one of the last survivors.

22. When you are stuck inside a building from both sides, leaving you no exit. use the Impulses/reverses to escape safely and take minimal damages.

23. If you saw someone picking up a crate in the gas, better finish them off as it might be a threat to you.

24. If you and your opponent are pushing against a wall you can switch to your shotgun/smg and shoot them through the wall. (This doesn't work anymore as the game devs has fixed this glitch)

25. You can switch your keybinds around to see which ways are comfortable (I personally uses the spacebar for interactions/door flicking as it is much easier to reach than the E key).

Advanced Strategies (PC)[]

1. (This strategy needs practice to master) This is an instant kill method if you do it right. Only works at about short to mid range. Weapons you need: Bolt-action sniper, epic or above, and a pump shotgun, preferably a legendary. But if you get every bullet in, a epic one will work too. Also you need a impulse grenade. Throw a impulse based on where your enemy is, then snipe them. When you land right next to the enemy, use your pump shotgun to shoot them. This should result in one dead player even if they have full health and shield. If you have a epic Bolt-action sniper and a epic pump shotgun, your best result is a perfect 200 damage insta-kill. (Method invented by piggy108#2575).Choose a spot to land. Press "m" or Tab to view the map, you'll want to choose a building as they have loot. Drop right before the plane forms a 45 degree line, and make sure it is fairly out of the way from the chaotic beginning. If you are in a team, I strongly advise you mark a location on the map to coordinate before landing. Some good paces to land are: The Desert Temple, the middle of Blossom Burbs, and Radical Reef, which connects to Mystic Forest.

2.Pick up as much as you can get. There are different ammo types so preferably choose different guns for different ammo (otherwise if run out both guns are useless). During the first phase you'll want to be as safe as possible. Hybrid Potions are great to save, but drink the small and big potions immediately. (Note that small potions only work if you are below 50 in shield.)

3.It's a good idea to arrange you weapons. It provides for easier and faster switching and prevents unintended mishaps (switching to an RPG and blowing yourself up by accident when you wanted an SMG). Try sorting them by range, from far to short or the other way around. A tip for scrollers - this arrangement suits you best as you can simply scroll upwards or downwards from your Sniper to your AR if the enemy is close enough.

4.The Medium-Range gun is what you'll switch to for most fights. When fighting in medium range Strafe to confuse your enemies whilst still utilizing the cover provided. If you find The Mythics (scoped M4, Assault scar, Suppressed Ar-15) Be sure to pick them up as they are the best weapons available.

5.The Shotgun is what you'll switch to while inside houses. It is a good for close up battles. Also great for killing knocked down players, go right next to them and shoot for great damage(beware this may pump them through a wall and causing them to escape if you're close to a wall). Pump Shotguns offer a large, dense spray of bullets whereas Assault Shotguns have a tight spread and far range, making it useful even outdoors.

6.It's best to carry only three weapons and two miscellaneous items (it can still be weapons). One Sniper, one AR and one SMG or Shotgun for the weapons, and a stack of Bandages and Hybrid Potions. Of course, it all varies - an RPG in place of the Sniper or a miscellaneous slot is good for dealing with the hectic race for the Airdrop; its heavy splash damage is nifty too. Grenades, any kind, can provide tactical advantages that win you games. You could even drop the AR and go for a Sniper/SMG(preferably a tac smg)/Grenade/Grenade/Healing set if you have confidence in your skills.

7.Slowly move in and let most of the fighting happen for you. But if you see an enemy do not hesitate to attack, getting the jump on someone else usually means victory. Keep upgrading your guns until the final phase...

8.The endgame is littered with fully-stacked players, some carrying powerful Airdrop weapons. However, the gas circle can give advantages to many different weapon ranges depending on where it is. If it circles in on Blossom Burbs, Wild West, Lucky Lake, Radical Reef, or Drifter District, SMGs have an advantage in the sense that they can skirt through houses and corners for easy killings. If it circles in on Faraway Farm, Space Base II, Radical Reef, or Sunny Shores, ARs can easily use their superior range and fire rate to clear obstacles and shoot enemies in the same clip. Anywhere else gives Snipers a clear lane of fire and no place to hide - what more do they need to absolutely destroy everyone?You can go through walls (intended feature) by Throwing Impulses at yourself and then moving towards the wall in question. you can also pull others and yourself together by using the reverse impulses. This can be combed with Grenades to make a deadly weapon!

9. Know how to switch guns while shooting. This allows you to do more damage in a shorter amount of time. A common switch is sniper, shotgun, ar, grenade, shotgun, ar.

10. Bounce grenades off of windows. This allows you to hit people behind the window in an angle they don't regularly expect. If they do manage to dodge it, you could maybe get a cheeky snipe or shotgun shot off which might be a game turner.

11. Since Tridents have been added back in Season 26, it can be combined with grenades, snipers (or both!) , can be really overpowered. A good strategy is drawing a player out of their hiding and then snipe them, at maximum damage it can take away 110+ off of their health, if you are the one hiding inside a house, you can draw them in and finish them with a shotgun/SMG. Another good way is to throw two frag grenades in quick succession and then throw the trident where the grenade are, so the player would be drawn in with no chance to react, it is an instant kill (even if the player is full health) if you do it correctly, I suggest practicing it also because it make some good clips.

12. If you want to be that annoying troll in a game, you can wear a bot skin and just run around aimlessly, then kill people when they are unsuspecting. Or you can wear the Pink Afro skin and hide in the cherry trees at Blossom Burbs.

Weapon Strategies[]

At mid range the best weapons are the AK,SCAR, VSS and the AR-15. 2.At close-range the best fast-firing weapons are the Vector, P90, UMP, MP5, silenced SMG, and silenced pistol. 3.Snipers increase your vision, making it vital to a successful game. Always hold your sniper while moving outside, you'll see your opponents before they see you.

The RPG should only be used in certain situations. It may seem pointless, and sometimes it is. But when you get to a choke point you'll be happy you have it. If you have caught someone inside a house or they have trapped you inside, use this (if you are defending wait for them to open the door)

When following someone, use a Bolt-Action Sniper rifle to get the first shot off. This will let you have the health advantage, and picking them off is relatively easy. If you are careful and really good, using an RPG instead of a sniper is viable option because you can deal as damage as you can with a sniper.

Try and perform a 'Multi kill' (kill multiple people). If you saw someone shoot an RPG at someone else with deadly accuracy, you probably shouldn't go near them. As they will attack you instead.

A Good idea is when it is 1v1 in the Endgame is to use a reverse impulse which will throw someone into the gas and then when they are in the gas they will move slower making it easier to snipe them. Or you can use a regular impulse to push them in the storm. This will deal 10 damage on them every second they are in gas and with the sniper and a well stocked short range weapon or AR you should be able to finish them off.


Here is an basic inventory loadout:

  1. Melee
  2. Assault rifle
  3. Shotgun
  4. Sniper
  5. Utility/consumable
  6. Consumable

Inventories depend on your style of keybinds and switching, but a player should always have a primary weapon that they are medium/long range like an AR that they can easily switch to. Having a sniper or an RPG does a lot of damage, but a sniper is better because it also have long range. A SMG or a Shotgun can be really useful to keep for short ranged battles. And remember, no matter if you are a noob or a pro, always keep heals somewhere in your inventory.

Gameplay Challenges[]

These are some challenges that you can attempt in-game. If you can think of one to add, feel free to put it here!

1. Level-Up - When you start a game, don't pick up all the good weapons you find first. Instead, if you find a common, pick it up. Then, if you're able to find the same kind of weapon but uncommon, you can switch it out for the uncommon, as if upgrading your weapon's tier. You would then try to find a rare, and then epic, and so on. If you found another common, you could pick it up and try to find it's upgrades, too. (You can still pick up consumables and grenades too, but not stand-alone rarity stuff like the uniques [Minigun, Flamethrower, Shuriken, Crossbow] and weapons that do not have a rarity of common [P90, Assault Shotgun, etc.].) You can change certain aspects of this challenge, like being able to save a rare leveled gun for later in your inventory for when you found the uncommon level for the same gun, being able to switch out guns for each other (for example, if you had a rare AR-15 and found a rare SCAR, you wouldn't have to leave it there, you could switch the AR-15 for the SCAR, or being able to have one gun that didn't have to be upgraded to pick it up (so if you found a mythic or opened an Airdrop, you could put it in that one spot.).

2. Don't Kill - Do not kill. This is very possible, a strategy to winning a game without killing is to hide, stock up on bandages, med kits, and shield potions, trick your opponents to accidentally killing themselves, and be patient. You can do damage to your enemies, but you cannot kill them.

3. Grenadier - Only use grenades. This includes the basic grenade, the impulse and reverse impulse grenades, along with smoke grenades and cactus bombs.(you can get healing stuff too, just no weapons.)

4. No Crates - This challenge is just that. You are not allowed to open any containers at all and can only get stuff by finding the scattered weapons and ammo you find throughout the map.

5. Sticky Hands - You're allowed to pick up anything you find, but once you pick up something, you cannot drop it. This is quite a challenge and an annoyance if you find all the stuff you need and then you find a mythic weapon, which you can't pick up.

6. I Don't Drink Juice- You get to use any weapon you like, but you're not allowed to use any consumables. (Picking up consumables is fine as long as you don't use it or let someone else use it.)

7. 1 Weapon and Nothing Else - You can only use 1 weapon at a time. The other slots may be filled in by consumables or empty slots.

8. 1 Weapon is Plenty - A less stressful One Weapon Challenge; you can only pick up one type of weapon (Pistols, SMGs, RPGs, etc.). Consumables are fine too. Similar to the limited time Mystery Mode, but with other players using all weapon types.

9. Dr.Revival - (This only works in Duos or Squads) You can't pick up weapons or grenades, only healing/potion items. You can only revive other players or heal yourself.

10. My Favorite Color - You can only use a certain level of power in this challenge. Before entering a game, choose the level you want to search for.(I recommend choosing a middle-ish level like rare or epic.) Then, go searching! Other than that, the gameplay is the same.

11. Chest-hunter You can only open one Z-chest per game and nothing else, but, you can pick up consumables from players that you kill. This is is a really fun game mode to play if you are bored.

12. Solo VS Squad - Play Duos or Squads alone without autofill; this way you will have to fight against teams all by yourself, and still try to win. You can do anything else in this challenge.

13. Elimination Pickups- This challenge is especially hard because, you can only pick up loot from other players that you killed and no other loot on the ground, in chest, or even boxes.

14. Ninja's Training- You can only pick up Shurikens and smoke grenades. The other slots can be filled with consumables. This is much cooler if you have a ninja skin and a melee skin as a sword.

15. Airdrops- Only obtain items from Airdrops. If you're lucky enough to get an abandoned one in the first place.

16. Platoons' Treasures - Only use unique weapons (Minigun, Flamethrower, Crossbow, Shurikens, etc.). Consumables are allowed.

17.Home Turf - Land and stay in one area only. Even if it's in the gas (Pray it isn't.). All other gameplay is normal.

18. 1 Slot, 1 Shot - Similar to the One Weapon and Nothing Else Challenge, except you can literally use only one slot (though you can switch out anytime you like) and can only fire once per weapon. This means relying on enemy loot for healing as you cannot carry your own.

19. Throwables Only - Heals and Throwables only. All heals, all grenades (no launcher), shurikens and Vaulted Trident of the Deaths (V-TODs)if you can get it.

20. Myths 'n' Legends - you can only use Legendary(Unique) / Mythic weapons.

21. You're Grounded - pick any one house. You must stay in that house for the entire game. Even if it's in the storm...

22. Live Strong As The Mountains- it's just that. Do not take damage. If you do, exit the match and try again. This can be a test for your "pro" friend who "wins every round."

23. Boxing Match - Only melee, no weapons or grenades that do damage.

24. Fire 'Em Up - Defeat 10 opponents in a game using the Flamethrower(or weapons with continuous damage) and nothing else.

25. Epic Kill - Win a match using only Epic weapons.

26.(Un)common Factors-Win a match using only Common/Uncommon Weapons

27. Broken Leg - You can move for only 5 secs a time after resting for 2 secs.

28. Gassy Weapons - You can only use Goo Guns and Gassy grenades. Consumables are allowed.

29. Farmers Life-Stay and loot only at Faraway Farms and Blossom Burbs.

30.Wait,What Are Shields? - A little bit like I Don't Drink Juice, but you can still use medkits and bandages, but no shields.

31. One chest challenge - open one chest and that's the weapon you have to use (if more than one are present, pick one) you can still open other containers and use consumables (non-damaging though) but you can only use the weapon you got from the first container.

32. Desafío de piel al azar - establecer su piel al azar y luego jugar un juego. Cualquier piel que usted consigue usted tiene que ganar un redondo usando la rareza de esa piel.

33. Espera que es la salud - Puedes recoger las pociones de escudos pero no meditki o venditas
Ni pociones hibridas

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