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Squads is one of the gamemodes in ZombsRoyale.io.

Info on Squads[]

Squads is one of the three main gamemodes, with the other two being Solo and Duos. In Squads, you and three other people fight together to take down the other squads and end in victory


  • There will be 100 individuals, duos or actual squads in the game, the game will start countdown when there is 20+.
  • When a player's health gets drained to 0, instead of dying, they will get knocked out, the player will turn red with a medical cross in the center of them.
  • Knocked players are revive able by touching them and pressing E. They will take damage losing 5 HP per second with 300 health.
  • You cannot kill allies, lethal effects will go though them.


When playing with strangers, please note that teammates you don't know can be stubborn, stupid or noobish. Their poor tactics can cause you to lose the game completely. You can try to chat to them to make sure everything goes right, if they won't listen, abandon the Squad immediately. Don't be sorry you did so, it is your teammates' fault you quit, due to their poor ways of gameplay.

It is strongly suggested to play with people you know or you are with in real life. As they will listen to you better and increase the chances of survival. If you have some friends over, this can be great entertainment!

If teammates jump off the plane at the beginning or at a dangerous point, don't go with them, instead, jump at your location, a safe place for looting. When you have finished looting, find your teammates (if any of them survived) and play the rest of the game properly.

Snipers play off an important role in the game, despite their weaknesses being large groups of enemies. Try to snipe out someone who is reviving their teammate, and assault them with a fast firing weapon. Or use it while someone is reviving a teammate, that way, you don't get ambushed or interfered by enemies.

Attack squads that hide in houses, try to let your teammates go in to fight, and carry an RPG, Grenade or Cactus bomb to severely damage the enemies thus making them, easier to defeat.

Make sure all of your teammates have at least one rapid firing gun, like an SMG or AR. Other squads will easily struggle to defeat you with the ridiculous amount of bullets they encounter thanks to all shooting at the same time.


  • It is possible to play with less than 4 teammates, simply uncheck the Auto Fill button at the starting screen and play the game.
  • It is the second team-based game mode.
  • This is one of the three game modes that are permanent.
  • There is a limited time mode that is based off it, except it has Zombies in it.