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The snowball is a common unique weapon found only in Lucky Lake. It is a common weapon, dropped by destroying trees.


The snowball is usually used as a survival weapon until a better weapon is found or as a mean to trickshot other players. Players will usually hide and hit while using the snowball, because most players have more powerful weapons. Though some users may use the snowball for slowing others down for increasing accuracy.

If you use snipers or RPGs or even grenades hit your with a snowball first to slow them down and they will have a hard time strafing away.


The snowball does stacks to thirty and does nine damage and has a slow reload rate. Because of this, it is ignored by a lot of players. However, the snowball is popular for challenges, where players try to only use the snowball in a game.

If you kill someone with a snowball a star will appear where the player died.