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The Smoke Grenade is an item in ZombsRoyale.io. It releases a cloud of smoke that covers anything underneath it.


  • Good for: Escaping from someone without being seen, creating confusion, and masking attacks.
  • Bad for: Groups of enemies.

Using Smoke Grenade[]

The Smoke Grenade, while seeming rather redundant, can be used in a few situations to get ahead in a fight. For instance, if you also collect a normal grenade, when someone attacks you in a building, you can throw the smoke grenade and then the grenade, your opponent won't know the grenade's there until it's too late, and the'll get blown to bits!

Fighting Smoke Grenade[]

If your opponent throws a smoke grenade, never fear. Get a shotgun(Pump works better) and shoot the opponent within the cloud of smoke square in the face! if they get out of the smoke, get a fast shooting weapon and quickly eliminate them.