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The Semi-Automatic Sniper or Semi-Auto Sniper is a Sniper Rifle in ZombsRoyale.io, it spawns as an Epic and Legendary.

Info on Semi-Auto Sniper[]

The Semi-Auto Sniper is a weapon great for long range, given it's a sniper, and shoots quickly, but still does a good amount of damage, which makes it extremely good, with the right player, and under the right circumstances.


  • Given that the Semi-Auto Sniper is semi-automatic, it can be spammed, making it easier to use than a Bolt if you are used to spam-fire.
  • Your shots are not likely to kill people in a single hit, however, you have a chance to land two or three more hits to kill the person if he/she has no shields. Otherwise, you may have to hold down the trigger for a couple more seconds without missing.
  • Although the bullets are harder to dodge since they are spammed, the spamming also makes them more predictable. If you don't care very much about how predictable they are, feel free to spam all you would like. However, you are better off with a Bolt if you want to be unpredictable.
  • The Semi-Auto can also be used to get easier hits onto moving targets thanks to its stronger ROF. If your target cannot predict the shooting pattern, then you will easily get your kill if you keep up the aim.
    • You can also shoot tap-fire and shoot the Semi like a Bolt to make your shots less predictable, if you can evade prediction while spamming anyway, you are better off spam-firing if your target has high health.
  • At close range, the Semi-Auto Sniper's drop off damage is much stronger than that of other Sniper Rifles. Dealing around the high 20s as the drop off damage, the Semi-Auto could be a lifesaver if you can deal with the difficult nature of using a Sniper Rifle at close range. However, an opponent would likely have a better close range weapon, therefore, you will have to accept death most of the time.
  • Don't hold the Semi when running away, you will be slowed down to expose yourself as an easier and slower target.


  • The Semi-Auto Sniper is based off the M110 SASS, and is based off it's vaulted Fortnite counterpart as well.
    • This mean that the Semi-Auto is a type of DMR (designated marksman rifle) in the game, as the M110 is said to be one as well as it is a Sniper Rifle, due to it being semi-automatic, the other DMRs include the Dragunov and the SCARs.
      • The Semi-Auto is therefore the first DMR in ZombsRoyale.io along with the SCAR.
  • The Semi-Auto Sniper along with the Deagle, VSS, Glock and Minigun were the weapons left untouched by the developers during the update in late May 2018.
  • Back then, the firing noise sounded like if the SAS was suppressed, however, the noise was changed in October 2018, probably so then there is less confusion between the VSS and Semi-Auto.
  • Despite the Semi’s name, the right-click/shoot button can be held down and the Semi would fire as if it were fully automatic. However, the name may be because it has lower damage than the Bolt and is based off a real-life semi-automatic weapon.