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A Scoped M4

The Scoped M4 is one of the weapons in ZombsRoyale.io, and can only be found in golden chests. It only spawns as a Mythic.


The Scoped M4 is a sniper-like AR that has a long firing range. It has an increased FOV that is larger than that of a normal weapon, but less than that of a Sniper Rifle (except for the VSS). It does around 17 damage, the same as the MG36, but most players prefer the Scoped M4 because it have good FOV, doesn't slow you down, and have a decent ammo count.


  • Be careful when carrying the Scoped M4, as when other players see you carrying it, they will be desperate to kill you in order to get it for themselves.
  • Thanks to the extended FOV, you can easily defend yourself by pushing players using Sniper Rifles and outclassing other players using other ARs.
  • You could use the Scoped M4 as a spammy Sniper Rifle, as missing shots is much less punishing than missing shots from a sniper rifle, since you have to wait just half a second for the next shots.
  • Although the Scoped M4 has a similar feature to the Sniper Rifles, it is best to just spray or land as many shots as possible with excellent aim by holding down the trigger. Shooting one shot at a time will not do much damage, as the Scoped M4 is not a true Sniper Rifle.
  • The Scoped M4 is slightly less accurate than the regular M4, so mid-range combat is your best bet despite the higher FOV. It should only be used for long range if absolutely necessary.


  • The Scoped M4 is inspired by the Scoped Assault Rifle or Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle from Fortnite.
  • In real life, the Scoped M4 is inspired by the real life HK416, which is the scoped version of the M4 or M16.
    • Therefore, the Scoped M4 is the latest Heckler and Koch weapon in the game.
  • There used to be a mythic normal M4 in the game, however, with the addition of the Scoped M4, now the Scoped M4 will be the mythic M4.
  • The Scoped M4 is the only non-sniper in the game to have a scope, but is not a nor related to a Sniper Rifle.
  • The Scoped M4 is debatably the best AR in ZombsRoyale.io, with its competitor being the Silenced AR-15.