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The SCAR is an AR in ZombsRoyale.io. It spawns from Uncommon-Legendary.Template:Weapon

Info on SCAR[]

The SCAR is basically a weaker M4. If you're looking for a steady stream of precise hits, this is your gun. However, its damage output falters in the face of the M4, being a useless weapon when compared. These negative traits may hinder its viability, though it has a very far range like the M4, second only to the AR-15.

SCAR is buffed during season 19. SCAR now has a higher damage (making it a lot stronger than before) but the rate of fire is decreased dramatically. The low rate of fire may take some time to get used to.


  • Although the M4 has better damage and same stats when compared, the SCAR can still be useful if you haven't found an M4 yet (SCAR has a higher damage than M4 now, but obviously a lower rate of fire).
    • A higher rarity SCAR will obviously have better stats. For example: Compare an epic SCAR to an uncommon M4.
  • If you notice someone trying to snipe you, see where the shot came from and spray at your enemy to make them hesitate while trying to aim. If you are lucky, you may even get an off-screen kill!
  • Mid-range is where the SCAR should be used, at close range, you may save yourself if you don't have an SMG or Shotgun yet.
  • When enemies try to hide behind cover, the high ROF and reasonable damage will help you tear down all destructible cover. This is also useful when you interfere with someone who is healing.
  • Against multiple enemies, the SCAR will shine. Either against a duo or squad by accuratley taking out the enemies one by one. Or a spray and pray strategy if facing an army of them, try to not fight more than 10 enemies at once.
  • Always hold down the trigger to fire, as this weapon is automatic. Shooting one shot at a time will make it weak, and you will be facing certain death.
  • If you have a Sniper Rifle, preferably a Bolt, AWP or Dragunov, you can hurt enemies with the Sniper Rifle, then drain the rest of their health with the SCAR. This strategy is effective the other way around as well.


  • In terms of real life, this is the newest gun in the game, being released in 2009, known as the FN SCAR. In ZombsRoyale, this is one of the original weapons which is alternative.
    • The SCAR's FN model resembles a SCAR-L.
  • The SCAR was the second gun that was re-skinned along with the RPG.
  • The SCAR was one of three ARs to receive a Mythic-exclusive variant. A normal mythic SCAR existed for about a week after the Assault SCAR was released.
  • In Fortnite, the epic and legendary Assault Rifle is referred as a SCAR due to it's appearance, which led to the SCAR being added into ZombsRoyale.io initially.