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The Rubber Gun is a Unique weapon in ZombsRoyale.io, it only spawns as a Legendary.

Info on Rubber Gun[]

The Rubber Gun is a firearm that shoots deadly rubber bullets. The bullets bounce when hitting walls. Watch out however, as the bullets can hit you and deal substantial damage to your health as well. The bullets cannot harm your teammates.

Strategies & Trivia[]

  • The Rubber Gun does not seem to resemble any Fortnite or real-life weapon.
  • For some reason, all unique weapons in Zombs Royale spawn as legendary or mythic only.
  • The rubber orbs that the rubber gun shoots resemble real-life rubber bullets, but, unlike the rubber orbs, rubber bullets do not kill or cause severe harm to an enemy and are meant to only cause pain. Rubber Bullets are also used in training or in missions where they want to bring someone back alive, not dead.
  • Shoot the Rubber Gun at players in buildings or other enclosed spaces to deal more damage due to the bouncing bullets.
  • Try not to use the Rubber Gun outside, as the rubber balls could bounce off of bushes and hit you. The rubber balls also don't do as much damage.
  • If you see your teammate in a house fight against another guy, shoot the rubber balls through the window and help your teammate out.
  • The accuracy of the Rubber Gun is not great, but if you just spray and pray inside a house, the rubber balls are bound to hit your opponent. (and you probably too)