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The Revolver is a type of pistol. It is a weapon used in ZombsRoyale.io.

Info on Revolver[]

The Revolver is a weapon. It shoots, and does a little bit of damage, a lot of the time doing around 16 damage for an Legendary. It even shoots pretty quick but reloads extremely slow.


Note: Since the Revolver was removed from the game, these strategies are only kept for information on a weapon that once existed and cannot be used or tested.

  • The Revolver can be somewhat decent at preferably mid range, although it is considerably outclassed by ARs, landing all shots will easily make you dominate anyone regardless of what weapon they are using.
  • In close quarter combat, keeping a certain distance can make the Revolver more useful than Shotguns, especially when you fight at a short distance outdoors.
  • Although Submachine Guns and ARs shoot faster, the Revolver deals more damage, therefore, it can be used for sniping players from bushes, as the small size of the Revolver will allow it to not stick out so easily to reveal position. Getting the first shot will usually lead you into an automatic win if you land the next shots.
  • The Revolver does not reload its entire capacity at once, but takes about one second to reload one bullet, therefore, it would take six seconds to reload the whole magazine. Be aware of this, and try to either spam-click when your capacity is at least halfway full or dodge bullets of enemies until the whole magazine is reloaded.


  • Both skins of the Revolver resemble the Colt Single Army Action Handgun.
  • In October, the Revolver has been vaulted (removed) from the regular game and is only available in Weapons Race and Crystal Clash. The reason why the Revolver was vaulted is due to many statements and thoughts from people that it gets outclassed by other weapons for certain ranges. This means that the Revolver was a barley used weapon for actual gameplay, therefore, making it pointless to keep ingame, and quite unpleasant to find one in a chest. BUT the revolver came BACK to the crystal clash. You can click zombsroyale settings con>join tournament>type cc> join. If you click the shotgun, it should give you a 3rd choice weapon revolver. Also can be found in weapons race.
    • In fact, the Revolver was considered to be so weak that many people said that it's only purpose is for people to use it for challenges.
    • Today, the Revolver, although considered to be removed from the game, the Revolver still appears in Crystal Clash as a backup weapon for the Shotgunner and Weapons Race as the second weapon to appear in the tree of weapons upon getting two kills with the P2000. Therefore, it is now a special event weapon rather than an actual in-game feature.
  • The Revolver is not a weapon used very often today in real life, it is only used by police officers, used for sports and is more accurate in the present. Unlike the time of the Wild West, where it would have poor accuracy.
  • Although the Revolver is thought to be a parody of Fortnite's Revolver, it acts more like the Six Shooter due to it having a capacity of six bullets, and shooting fast with lower damage unlike the original Revolver from Fortnite that shoots a lot slower and deals extreme damage. In fact, the two handguns from Fortnite and the Revolver from ZombsRoyale share a few things in common:
    • They all resemble a Colt Model.
    • All three were removed from their respective games.
    • They are all extremely hated/unpopular weapons that people found useless.