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The Reverse Impulse Grenade is a type of grenade in ZombsRoyale.io.


  • Good for: Pulling people from outside of a building you're in inside, escaping from a building, and generally annoying teammates on duos or squads.
  • Bad for: Escaping during combat.

Info on Reverse Impulse Grenade[]

When you throw this grenade it explodes into a vacuum, bringing in any players in the vacuum's radius to it's center. This grenade does no damage.

Tips for the Reverse Impulse Grenade[]

  • Note that this is different from the normal Impulse Grenade. So different strategies will imply.
  • When going through a building without the need of doors. You will need a window, because if you throw an Reverse Impulse close enough to the other side of a window, it will pull you through. These grenades are not for wall glitching.
  • Try to not use this against enemies when running away. Since that will pull enemies closer, allowing them to kill you.
  • You can also troll escaping kills by pulling them back and finishing them off.


  • Along with the Impulse Grenade and the Smoke Bomb it is one the three weapons that don't cause damage.
  • This is one of the only mythical weapons along with the Cactus Bomb and its original counterpart.
  • The Reverse Impulse Grenades are one of the three counterparts in the game, along with the SMG (Burst) and the AR (Burst).
  • Many people tend to ignore this grenade, as it does no damage and is not very useful for wall ghosting.