The RPG (rocket-propelled grenade), Rocket Launcher or the Bazooka is a weapon in


  • Strong Against: 1v1 fights in medium-sized houses, people who are helpless in corners, large groups of enemies if they chase you huddled up and low range weapons.
  • Weak Against: Most fast firing weapons if they can dodge easily, most Snipers (mostly the Bolt-Action Sniper) and Cactus Bombs if ambushing in a medium sized house or Grenades if inside a small house.

Info on RPG

The RPG is an annoying weapon. Sometimes it's totally useful, while sometimes it ends up exploding you straight out of the game. They do a ton of damage, though, so you'll often see yourself picking up these deadly weapons.

Using RPG

In 50v50, if you see a huge team hiding in a house, fire a rocket at them and hopefully take out lots of them, use some kind of fast firing weapon to destroy the survivors. Make sure there is no back door for the team to escape.

They are exceptionally good with a sniper. If you see someone healing behind a tree when you have a sniper out, and you know the sniper won't hit them, just pull out the RPG and shoot in the direction they where in. it will explode the tree, and if you're lucky, the player as well!

An RPG and a Deagle make a great combo too! When you have hit your target with the RPG, get in close with a Deagle to finish him off. But be careful to not miss the Deagle shot, as this will utterly mean your doom unless you can reload again and land the blow.

Attack people at close range so they can't dodge your rocket that easily, but be careful, as you may unintentionally blow yourself up, if you survive an accidental missile, retreat and move around to make sure you don't get hit and killed.

If someone is trying to ambush in a small house, use the RPG to kill them easily, as they don't have room to dodge or run. Make sure you are hiding your RPG, as if they enemy sees it, they may quickly run out of the house and attack you giving them plenty of space to survive your missile. Make yourself seem like an easy target then pull out the RPG and blow him up! Make sure your aim is correct so you don't blow yourself up by landing the missile on a close object instead. Have some shields as well if your target shoots at you.

A great way to fool players is to sit in a corner and hide your RPG to lure in players. Use a MedKit or a Bandage to make them think you are at low health, when they come in to kill you, switch to your RPG and annihilate them unexpectedly! Have some shields if you take damage from the shots and don't let your enemy get too close, as you will either be killed damaged to the point where you may have to battle to the death.

Fighting RPG

Any kind of fast firing weapon is great against an RPG. Just dodge the missiles and spam a ton of bullets at them. This should be easy as the missiles aren't that fast and will be easy to dodge.

Snipers are useful to prevent ambush attacks, if you see an RPG hide in a house for ambushing, try to pretend you are distracted or falling for the bait, then pull out your sniper and blast them to death since they are helpless in the corner when you are far enough.

If an RPG targets you and you are fighting someone, ignore your enemy and pay attention to the missiles. However, make sure your former target cannot kill you, especially if its a team-based game.

Shotguns, Flamethrowers and other short range weapons are not recommended when in a 1v1 with an RPG, as you will have to get close to kill them and that will mean the RPG has an easier chance of taking you out.

Teammates are a great way to destroy any RPG. However, make sure your teammates are spread out and not huddled as one army, as you and your army will quickly die from the missiles due to being hard to dodge as there are players in your way.

Miniguns are useful against RPGs, just avoid the missiles and you should be fine.


  • Of all the weapons in the game, this does the highest damage along with the Grenades.
  • Although it uses Large Ammo, it actually uses missiles, which are completely unrelated to Large Ammo.
  • Along with the SCAR, it is the second reskinned weapon.
  • This is the first fire based weapon, as the rockets are normally propelled by fire as seen behind them when firing.
    • The second weapon is actually a fire type, the Flamethrower.
  • The easy to dodge rockets reveal why it is rather ignored.
  • Along with the Tommy Gun and the P90, it is the only Unique to have levels apart from the legendary level.
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