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The Pistol is a weapon in ZombsRoyale.io.


Info on Pistol[]

The Pistol is a straight firing weapon, good for accuracy and gets a lot of hits in closeup.

Using Pistol[]

The Pistol is a good backup weapon. It's most effective on attacking players, due to it's straight barrage of bullets. A good strategy is to hide in a bush, wait for someone to come near you, and ambush them! Doing so will usually catch your opponent off-guard, allowing you to get a lot of hits in.

If you recently got off the plane, and found a Pistol first with no other weapons around, Pick it up. It might not be the best weapon, but would help you survive until you can find better weapons to replace it. Attack unarmed people but avoid attacking players with stronger weapons.

In Zombie Mode, this is a great weapon for killing the undead and destroying knocked out players, use your stronger weapons for combating other players in this case.

When fighting a Flamethrower, stay away from it's stream of fire and shoot it, the Pistol's good accuracy makes it easy to hit the Flamethrower at a decent range. Be careful, though, you are an easy target to Flamethrowers when close, they can burn faster than you can shoot!

Fighting Pistol[]

A good defense against a Pistol is another fast firing weapon like the Pistol but with longer range, like a SCAR or Assault Rifle (Burst).

Deagles can sometimes take down a Pistol, but you'll want to be a good distance from it, and make sure it isn't a mythic level. If it is lower than epic, feel free to attack it but still be cautious of your slower ROF. If a Pistol can get close enough, they will immediately destroy you with their concentrated bullets.

Most of the time, the SMG is a great counter to a Pistol. Both you and the Pistol both have about the same range which should help you damage the Pistol. Along with that, SMGs shoot faster and can deal more damage in an occasion.

Miniguns and ARs are excellent against Pistols. They have longer range, and shoot quicker than Pistols do.

The best way to counter a Pistol very easily is an Assault or Pump Shotgun. Pull out your Shotgun and you should kill him/her in three or four hits. Assault Shotguns are especially good as they have longer range than Pumps, and less spread.


  • This is not a very popular weapon, as there are many faster firing, longer range weapons, however this doesn't mean people never use it.
  • The Pistol is a parody of the Service Pistol, used by policemen, secret agents, spies and the military.
  • If you look closely, it is part of the Dual Pistols, as they are 2 normal Pistols combined together.
  • The Pistol was no longer part of the Dual Pistols when they were re-skinned.