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The P90 is a unique submachine gun in ZombsRoyale.io, it spawns as Epic and Legendary.

Info on the P90[]

The P90 is a gun that is a SMG. It has a near range and is great for close combat. It's bullets are small and has insane bullets spread like Vector and Minigun.


  • Only use the P90 at close quarter combat, preferably in houses to prevent an enemy from keeping their distance from you. At mid range, the bullets deal ridiculously weak damage and cannot reach farther distances.
  • When all or most of your shots land on a target at the closest distance as possible, they can easily deal a higher DPS than an Assault Rifle.
  • The P90 can pair well with a Shotgun, this can be useful if you miss your target, don't kill your target in one hit (as a finishing weapon) or if you run out of ammo for your Shotgun.
  • Make sure you have collected lots of ammo, the P90 shoots insanely fast, allowing it to use up ammo very fast.
  • Sometimes a target can get at a certain distance away from you, if it seems like your target has taken heavy damage from you, try to deal with the bullets being weak at mid range to finish him or her, otherwise, use a longer range weapon.
  • People who heal behind obstacles can be interfered by you by simply tearing down the obstacles they hide behind to obliterate them.


  • It is based off the real-life FN P90 PDW (specifically the P90 TR variant), which also served as inspiration for the Compact SMG from Fortnite.
  • Previously, a mythic P90 can be found only on mobile. However, they can only go up to legendary in PC.
    • At one point, the weapon was buffed/nerfed, the mythical P90 was removed as it made it overpowered, and P90s at a rare level or lower would be considered weak. So now it only spawns as an Epic and Legendary.
  • The P90 makes a great resemblance to the Scout from Crystal Clash and is a parody from the same weapon in Fortnite Battle Royale.