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The Minigun is a weapon in ZombsRoyale.io, it only spawns as a Legendary.

Info on Minigun[]

The Minigun is a fast firing, long range Unique, capable of destroying multiple people at a time if handled right. It does 7 damage per hit, and the only down side is it slows you down a bit when shooting and it has a LOT of spread.


  • The Mingun is basically a weapon suitable for all ranges, at close range to deal a devastating DPS, or mid to long range for safer distance.
  • In Squads mode, the Minigun easily serves an important role in showering a ton of bullets with its spread, this is useful for shielding your players from enemies who try to get closer to get an easier aiming angle. In fact, the Minigun fares well against multiple enemies extremely well, showing a sole purpose for the inaccuracy, however, this depends how strong your enemies’ weapons may be.
  • Beware that moving around fast is tricky when you are firing the Minigun. You may expose yourself to easily get sniped or at least slow enough for an enemy to line up shots and easily kill you. Holding the Minigun regardless will slow you down.
  • Conserve your ammo, while the Minigun has a 200 mag, you can easily eat through the bullets quickly if you have less than 150 left. Even faster than an SMG would.
  • If enemies try to hide behind destructible objects, don’t let them be, the Minigun excels much better than any other gun and ripping a whole ton of them apart, easily getting rid of lots of cover for enemies to heal.
  • If you have caught yourself in the long process of reloading for about 2.5 seconds, hide behind indestructible cover until you are done reloading, or use another backup weapon if your enemy is nearly dead and has a chance of escaping.
  • Wait until the gas squeezes. Once you come to an area of non gas that is pretty small, get the mini, and fire at the position where your enemy is at. If you can;t see them, fire at the area you think your enemies are. They can basically get zapped by the bullets, if they don't run into the gas.


  • The Minigun has the second longest reload time, taking about 2.5 seconds to reload. However, this is because it carries the highest magazine in the game, taking 150 small ammo.
    • For some reason, the Minigun in Fortnite never reloads and has an infinite capacity, despite the Minigun in ZombsRoyale.io being the longest reloading gun in the game. Another difference between it's Fortnite counterpart is that it only spawns as a Legendary while the Minigun in Fortnite spawns as Epic and Legendary.
  • The Minigun has the highest spread in the game, and is pretty much the only weapon with easily noticed spread, apart from the Shurikens.
  • Previously, the Minigun did 8 damage per bullet, however, it was buffed a few days later to deal 9 damage per bullet. Finally, in October, the Minigun's damage was nerfed to 7 and the spread and ROF was greatly buffed.
  • If you were to fire the Minigun when it has no ammo left, the barrel will just spin around and not open any fire.
  • It was re-skinned in October along with the other weapons that were not re-skinned in June, that included the VSS, Deagle, Semi-Auto Sniper and Glock.