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MedKits are healing items that fully restore your health and take 5 seconds to use.


  • Since the MedKit takes five seconds to use, only use it when you are alone and no one else is around you. If you are spotted while using it, players will easily line up their shots and kill you.
  • Try to use the MedKit indoors, stay away from windows and close the doors, that way, you will have protection from people who may try to unexpectedly snipe you. This is especially important if you have 80 HP or less which is the point where an AWP can one shot you. Or, if there is no buildings, go inside a bush and be prepared for surprises.
  • Medkits are very useful in duos or teams because you can drop teammates it so they can heal fast after being revived.
  • Most of the times quick heals are better than medkits in the final circles, because people will actively search for you and you might not have time to take the Medkit.
  • The Medkit shouldn't be wasted unless you are under 80 HP and worried about snipers, if you are confident in your abilities, save the medkit for clutch occasions.
  • You can also hold out the Medkit to lure people out of buildings because they will think you are low on HP and they will try to attack you before you can get to full health. When they are close, finish them off with a SMG or Shotgun.


  • The MedKit along with the Hybrid Potion are the only items that can fully restore your health bar.
  • MedKits do not have a rarity level, they can spawn either to be extremely rare or very common. Oddly enough, MedKits in Fortnite spawn as an Uncommon.