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MedKits are healing items that fully restore your health and take 5 seconds to use.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Since the MedKit takes five seconds to use, only use it when you are alone and no one else is around you. If you are spotted while using it, players will easily line up their shots and kill you.
  • Try to use the MedKit indoors, stay away from windows and close the doors, that way, you will have protection from people who may try to unexpectedly snipe you. This is especially important if you have 80 HP or less which is the point where an AWP can one shot you.
  • Always keep one or preferably two MedKits so then you can immediately restore your health when revived or after a fight where your health is greatly dropped.
  • Only carry two MedKits if you want an extra weapon.
  • After reviving someone, drop the MedKit you are carrying so then he or she can get back to full HP.
  • Only use the MedKit if you have less than 70 HP, if you are fine having between 70 and 60 HP for combat, only use the MedKit if your health is 59 HP or less. If you have enough HP to survive well, don't waste the MedKit, unless of course, you can ONLY waste it if you are worried that you may be assaulted by someone using an epic Bolt-Action Sniper, Dragunov, or AWP.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The MedKit along with the Hybrid Potion are the only items that can fully restore your health.
  • MedKits do not have a rarity level, they can spawn either to be extremely rare or very common. Oddly enough, MedKits in Fortnite spawn as an Uncommon.