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The MP5 is an SMG in ZombsRoyale.io, it spawns from Common-Legendary.

Info on MP5[]

The MP5 is a close-combat weapon with a fast ROF, good for fights inside buildings, and other close-range battles.


  • The MP5 has some of the highest damage per second in the game. It can be easily used for quick killing and if it's an epic or legendary, it can kill a player with full health and shields in just one second.
    • In fact, a legendary MP5 does more damage than a mythic SCAR when at the closest range as possible. Therefore, it's faster ROF makes it a better close encounter weapon surprisingly to those who are used to using ARs.
  • When you fight in mid-range engagements, the shots start to spread out more, disallowing them to hit more frequently. If you wish to use the MP5 at mid range, use an epic or legendary one, their minimum drop off damage is 9 (epic) and/or 10 (legendary), allowing them to outclass an Uncommon SCAR at times, however, ARs are usually the better pick for mid-range combat.
  • A good strategy is to keep a Shotgun with you. When attacking an enemy at close quarters, blast them with your Shotgun then start attacking the enemy by rapidly firing bullets with the MP5, or, you can do this strategy the other way around.
  • Because of the high DPS, you can easily shred through obstacles even quicker than ARs. This is useful for destroying structure to make sure enemies don't hide behind them to heal or delay you.
  • If you are not confident with your aim, you can spray your opponent to death, the bullets will be impossible to dodge if you are close enough to your opponent. A smaller DPS will be dealt, but you can still take out enemies pretty fast.


  • The MP5 was previously called "SMG", then it was renamed to the Stock SMG, then the MP5.
  • The AR-15, oddly, shoots as fast as the MP5.