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The MG36 is an AR in ZombsRoyale.io, it only spawns as a Mythic.

It's a very good weapon and it is louder then most weapons so use it on silenced weapons so teammates may hear you and save u

Info on MG36[]

The MG36 is an Airdrop exclusive weapon (meaning it can only be obtained from airdrops). Doing about as much damage as a mythic SCAR. However, it can easily overwhelm you if unprepared and low on health. The magazine size is 90 bullets.


  • Beware of the other people around you if they see you carry this weapon. You will be wanted for it.
    • When multiple people are desperately trying to kill you, use the fast ROF of the MG to spray down the other players or at least keep them at bay. If you manage to kill most or all of them, your kill count will increase greatly. Try to not battle/accept death from more than five enemies.
  • Thanks to your magazine only 10 bullets smaller than 100, you can attack someone for a very long time. If they find indestructible cover, reload your magazine if it is low or you simply want it to be full again, then start pushing the enemy once they are open.
    • Even though you have a 90 clip mag, don’t get too happy about it, the MG36 is still a fast firing weapon, which means it can be emptied in only nine seconds. When your mag is empty, you will be stuck reloading for about 0.5 seconds longer than a more common AR. Try to hide behind strong or indestructible cover when reloading.
    • If multiple enemies are attacking you, the MG36's large magazine allows you to keep them at bay or kill them with endless fire.
  • The MG could be a lifesaver if you don’t have any close range weapons yet, but still try to find some.
  • During long range engagement, you can kill offscreen people potentially. This is useful for making people struggle to easily snipe you if they have missed their first shot and you notice it missing you.
  • Mid range is the jackpot, the bullets are extremely accurate at mid range and deal the maximum damage. You will also deal a strong DPS of 150 damage.


  • The MG36 is the first weapon in the game to be painted red on a significant portion of it, with the second being the Silenced AR-15, the third being the Dragunov, and the fourth being the Scoped M4.
  • Having 90 bullets in the magazine, balanced by a longer reload time, the MG has the second largest mag in the game, just topped by the Minigun.
  • The MG36 is the only Light Machine Gun in ZombsRoyale.io. More may be to come.