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The M4 is an AR in Zombsroyale.io, it spawns as Uncommon-Legendary.

Info on Assault Rifle[]

The M4 is an AR. Of course, this doesn't mean it's not dangerous, with tons of kills taken by M4s every day. It does a good amount of damage, and has a good amount of range, It's pretty much just an all-around good weapon.


  • The M4 is the ideal weapon for mid-range combat, thanks to it's fast ROF and good accuracy.
    • The M4 is also effective at long range, however, players are not likely to be onscreen, otherwise, you can predict them if they constantly miss Sniper shots, allowing you to blow them away. The bullets will also have DOD and more spread, however, since it does not have major DOD and low spread, you can still use it effectively.
    • Speaking of long range, if you are not that good with Sniper Rifles yet, then use the M4 as a long range weapon. The high ROF requires less aiming skill, but don't get cocky with the bullet spamming, as having aim completely off won't allow any bullets to hit.
  • When you are being raided by a Squad of enemies, the M4 can be used to quickly take all of the enemies out in a quick succession, due to it's amazing crowd control. You may also maintain some distance from the enemies, so then you are not easily swarmed and overwhelmed.
  • Against multiple enemies, you can spray to hit all of them and deal a good amount of damage form the spammy nature of the M4. However, try to not fight more than ten enemies at once. Against a single enemy, you are better off using accuracy unless you want to make a large bullet hell. But make sure the hell of bullets is tight enough to case the enemy to get hit a lot.
  • Always hold down the right-click when firing the M4. Otherwise, you are just making it a weak weapon if you fire only one bullet at a time.
  • Although Shotguns and stronger Sniper Rifles can destroy weak enough objects in one single hit. The M4 dominates much better when it comes to stronger obstacles. However, it can still rip apart weak structures/objects as well. You can use that advantage to get rid of as much cover as possible.
  • Have at least 150 ammo, the M4 can burn through it very fast, so you need to carry a lot to spam as much as you want.


  • M4s make a small "cht" noise when firing.
  • Previously, this weapon was simply called the Assault Rifle, however, it was then renamed to the Stock AR, then to the M4.
  • The M4 is based off the M4/M16 from real life and the Common-Rare levels of the Basic AR from Fortnite.
  • Oddly enough, this weapon does not have any difference between itself and the SCAR besides damage. Therefore, making it obviously more ideal to use.
  • The M4 uses the same exact colors as the Vector.