ZombsRoyale.io Wiki

Limited Time Modes are rotating gamemodes that change every few days.


50v50 - Two teams battling across the entire map for glorious victory!

Zombie Mode - Be the last squad to survive against zombies and other teams. As time goes by more zombies will attack. Be careful during nighttime as zombies become enraged!

50v50 with Building Blocks - Press Q to go into building mode. Click or hold down the mouse to start building. Gather wood from destroying trees and opening wooden crates. (This mode is no longer playable)

Superpower Mode - When you eliminate someone they will drop energy gem(s) that power up the player who picks them up. There are 4 types of gems: Power, Defense, Move Speed and Bullet Speed. You also naturally regenerate health & shield slowly over time.

Weapons Race - Upgrade your weapon to the final weapon by getting kills. Every 2 kills upgrades your weapon. The map in this gamemode is smaller than usual.

Crystal Clash - A 4v4 mode in which you protect your team's crystal and destroy the other team's crystal in a small arena. (This mode can only be accessed by joining with the tournament code CC)

Mystery Mode - A solo mode that has only one type of weapon (shotgun, RPG, sniper, AR...) , grenade (Frag, Impulse...) , and healing Item! (small shield, hybrid...)

Protect the VIP - There is a VIP in the team, and if they die, so does the rest of the team!