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The Impulse Grenade is a Grenade in ZombsRoyale.io.


  • Good for: Pushing yourself in or out of buildings without going through the doorway, pushing other enemies away from you when you are trying to escape, and you can also pull enemies out of buildings and one-shot-kill them with a sniper/shotgun.
  • Bad for: Defence, unless you are using the Impulse Grenade to push enemies away from you.

Info on Impulse Grenade[]

When you throw this grenade, its explosion is so violent that it can knock you through buildings and other objects! This grenade does no damage.

Tips for the Impulse Grenade[]

  • This weapon might not seem useful since it does 0 damage. However, it can be useful for many cases that you might find interesting and important.
  • Use this to ghost right through walls, to escape enemies or unleash unexpected attacks against people who think they are safe.
  • In 50v50, if you see gigantic battles, you can try to troll the opposing army by annoying them with the Impulses. If an enemy targets you, they might just die if they get shot at by your teammates.
  • Also, if an enemy with very low health (less than 5 HP), is close to the gas, throw an Impulse Grenade at them, they will get knocked into the storm and die hopefully.
  • Because the Impulse grenade can get you close to enemies, you can fire a close-range weapon like a shotgun after you throw the grenade to deal insane damage.


  • The Impulse Grenade has another version which sucks in enemies instead of knocking them back.
  • This weapon along with the Reverse Impulse Grenades and Smoke Grenades are the only weapons in the game that don't cause harm.
  • Impulse Grenades can knock people through walls, especially there is a glitch where impulses would get you stuck in a wall in Crystal Clash.
  • Impulse Grenade and its reverse version only spawn in common rarity.