ZombsRoyale.io Wiki

The Hybrid Potion is a Healing Item in ZombsRoyale.io. You can carry up to 4 Hybrid Potions in 1 weapon slot.


  • Gives 25 Health overtime
  • Gives 25 Shield overtime


  • Before going into a fight, if you're even a little low on health, drink a Hybrid Potion. It will help you heal a little during the fight as well.
  • Use bandages to get up to 75 HP, then drink a hybrid potion to fully restore your HP.
  • Hybrid Potions aren't stackable. NEVER drink more than 1 hybrid at a time or else it will heal less overtime.
  • If it's a final circle and you're at 200 health, take 1 tic in the storm and chug a hybrid. This will allow you to resist an extra bullet or two in the fight which may save your life and allow you to take the win.