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The Hunting Rifle is a sniper in ZombsRoyale.io, it spawns as a Uncommon , Rare and Epic.

Info on Hunting Rifle[]

It is a long range sniper-class weapon. Compared to other Snipers, the rate of fire is medium and so is the damage. The first three shots are fired in quick successions. Use it if you want to engage at a distance, but maintain some ROF.

Personally I think it's better than the other rifles in terms of speed range and damage.


  • The Hunting Rifle can be a somewhat useful weapon for those who can't really use the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle very well. But remember, you only get three easier shots, the last two will be more difficult to spam.
  • Three perfectly landed shots with an Uncommon Hunting Rifle deal 96 damage (96 DPS). Which is nearly enough to kill a full health enemy, only missing 4 damage for the perfect insta-kill. In that case, most enemies who have even 89 health without any shields available for them will not think about gaining full health. Use that advantage to hunt them down.
  • When you can't spam-fire anymore, you can still have a chance at using the Hunting Rifle like a single shot Sniper Rifle. It won't do as much damage as the Bolt but can still drain a dangerous amount of health.
  • A unique strategy that applies very well is to wield two or more Uncommon Hunting Rifles, and switch between each 3 shots. This is guaranteed to drain more than 100 health with no missed shots and even someone with full health and shields if you wield three or more. Beware that this strategy is some of the hardest things to master, as it needs quick hands for quick-switching and a very experienced aim.
  • Be careful that the whole magazine is not reloaded at once. If you are stuck during the one-bullet reloading process, then don't shoot anymore after the spam-shots or try to use the Rifle like the Bolt-Action.


  • Hunting Rifles, along with the Shotguns and Revolvers are the only guns in the game that are not used in military combat.
    • This may not be true, as it is based off a musket which was used in the Revolutionary War and other 1700s-1900s conflicts.
  • For some reason, this weapon was removed from the Weapons Race in an update, as the weapons that were previously not included were added into the mode.
  • Hunting Rifles are for hunting game animals for sporting, meat and fur. Not for human vs human combat that happens in ZombsRoyale.