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The grenade launcher is a gun that shoots orange-colored grenades. Unlike regular frag grenades, they deal 25 damage instead of 90.


Shoot the grenade launcher at someone in a house with preferably one exit. This will usually kill the enemy or force them out. If you only shoot one grenade, it may not kill the enemy, but you can force them out of the house and make them easier to kill. Or, you can simply fire as many grenades as possible towards the house.

Take care not to shoot the grenades towards your teammate, a wall, furniture, or anywhere that may bounce back to you.

The grenades that come out of the grenade launcher has a delay before exploding. Make sure you time it correctly to make your attack effective.

Try not to shoot the grenade launcher in wide open areas as the grenades aren't very accurate


The grenade launcher is very similar to the gift launcher.