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The Frag Grenade is a Grenade in ZombsRoyale.io The Frag Grenade is strong, dealing 70-35 depending on how close the enemy is to the grenade (used to deal only 90 damage before it is nerfed) damage to those who are in the explosion radius. If you are skilled enough, the Frag Grenade could be a force to be reckoned with!

PC: the grenade will be thrown at where your mouse is at the time of clicking. You can't cook grenades in this game.

Mobile: the grenade will be thrown further depending on how far away your finger is from the right joystick.


  • If you see someone outside of a building you're in, throw a grenade out the window or door. If they aren't quick enough, it'll deal a bit of damage. This works if you're outside of the building and they're inside as well.

Another good idea is to throw them in a chase when someone chases after you when you escape, and are behind you.