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The Goo Gun is a weapon in ZombsRoyale.io, it only spawns as a Legendary.

Info on Goo Gun[]

The Goo Gun is a Pistol in ZombsRoyale.io. It shoots bursts of four directional globs of acid that deal up to 6 damage, and the poison at a rapid rate adds up 1 damage.


  • To use the Goo Gun efficiently, you will be best using it at short range. Because landing all of the four globs will deal a total of 24 damage along with the acidic effect lasting for a good amount of time.
    • The more globs that hit, the longer the burn will last, sometimes, a high health player (without shields) can easily be killed in one portion of the acidic effect upon landing all globs.
    • Sometimes, a player with a full 100 health can be killed in 8 shots which deal 48 damage along with the burn rapidly adding up.
  • At mid-range, the acid squirts will be significantly easier to dodge, as wide spacings are left between the shots that also don’t travel that fast either. However, they will become harder to dodge when you spam them and aim in unpredictable directions. You may do this if you like to keep your distance.
  • You can also pair the burning effect with a weapon with high damage or DPS to easily make matters worse for your enemy.