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The Glock is a weapon in ZombsRoyale.io, it spawns as Common and Uncommon.

Info on Glock[]

The Glock is a part of the Burst family, it shoots quick bursts of bullets, enabling it to do a good amount of damage close up.


  • Although not a very popular choice, the Glock can still be dangerous if you know how to use it correctly.
  • In order to maintain the Glock's effectiveness, you should try to stay at a certain range from people using weapons such as Shotguns. You will easily shred enemies using short-range weapons that either deal very little damage when the bullets hit you or can't reach you at all.
  • It's bursts have very quick volleys, which can sometimes make it capable of outgunning players who use the P2000 that only shoots in a continuous stream. The better accuracy compared to other weapons makes its bursts useful as well.
  • Having only a magazine of 15 bullets, you have to have a whole ton of small ammo to easily dominate with the Glock, the decent ROF can eat through the ammo pretty quick.
  • The Glock is also decent close up to a target, the shots will deal 10 damage and can even outclass an AR if used properly.
  • Shotguns and Glocks are also decent pairs, you can use your Shotgun for high damage and the Glock as a finishing weapon or if you miss a target with the Shotgun to save yourself with a fast ROF.
  • This weapon does not require a lot of skills to aim because of the spreading of each bursts.


  • It was one of the guns that wasn't reskinned in the map update, along with the Minigun, Semi-Auto Sniper, VSS and Deagle.
  • The Glock appears to be fully automatic, therefore, it resembles the Glock18 in burst-fire mode.