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The Flamethrower is a unique weapon in Zombsroyale.io


  • Strong Against: Shotguns if used correctly and close range fights.
  • Weak Against: Long range weapons, SMGs, far away Snipers and skilled Pistols.

Info on Flamethrower[]

The Flamethrower was added on April 13, 2018. It shoots flames at a short distance, setting anyone unlucky enough to be close to it on fire.

Using Flamethrower[]

If an opponent gets away from you with very low health, don't feel frustrated or unhappy you didn't kill the target. The flames will light players on fire and if your opponent's health was low enough, the fire lit on him will kill him and you can relax and focus on other things and get the kill at the same time. However, this is mostly luck, as you won't know that someone might come and steal your kill.

Attack Shotguns if they are in corners, they can't shoot that fast so they should be easy to finish off. Make sure to have shields, as Shotguns can deal high damage and kill you with ease if it can get the second shot. And avoid Tactical Shotguns when in an open fight.

When fighting snipers, you are helpless and easy to kill from far away. Snipers are slower than you, so that can be an advantage of getting close and turning the tables completely.

A great strategy in Building Blocks is to burn down a ton of forts for high-power offenses and to farm wood usefully in the mode. Steer clear of Miniguns that may try to steal your trees.

Fighting Flamethrower[]

Most Auto weapons have a long enough range to outdo Flamethrowers. Stay far from the stream of fire and the Flamethrower should be easy to destroy.

Pistols should generally be avoided if fighting a Flamethrower unless you are very experienced with them. Revolvers and Deagles should be used by very experienced players by staying out of the fire's reach and shooting at it. Medium-skill players should grab a normal Pistol or a Burst Pistol and do the same with less moving around. Players that are not that great with normal Pistols should have Dual Pistols instead as they can reach long enough and shoot a little faster.

RPGs are great against Flamethrowers, due to the Flamethrower's low range, it will have to get close to hit you, this will mean it will be more vulnerable to your rocket. Make sure you don't accidentally kill yourself with it.

Attack them from far out with snipers. However, unless you are using a VSS, don't get close, as it will destroy you quickly with its high damage flames.


  • This is one of the only things that shows fire. Other than the slight flames you see when a rocket it fired from an RPG.
    • It is the only fire based weapon to not be an explosive.
  • For one day, the Flamethrower didn't set players on fire. It just damaged them when they went in the fire.
  • For a weird reason, Flamethrowers can still be used in water, despite water being the substance to put out fire. It is possible that the flames fired from the Flamethrower is chemical fire which can only be put out with a certain type of chemical (fire extinguisher, etc.). It is currently unknown if players lit on fire will get rid of the fire by entering water.
  • If you look very closely, there is proof for the Flamethrower's remake. Its appearance remains the same while the colors have slightly more detail and shine on it.
  • This weapon's huge amount of ignorance is similar to how they were no longer used in battle after the several years since World War II, the Flamethrower's low range in ZombsRoyale is the reason for ignorance. And the flames' low dense in real life means it will get pushed around by strong air and wind. Thus killing ally troops by accident.
    • It's probably the only weapon to be discontinued in military combat.
  • The Flamethrower and the VSSare the only weapons to not have a Fortnite parody. As Flamethrowers and VSSs do not exist in Fortnite.