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Duos is one of the gamemodes in ZombsRoyale.io with 2 people. This mode functions the same as Squads, except that there are up to 2 instead of up to 4. The mode was added on May 5, 2018.

Info on Duos[]

Duos was the second gamemode added, where teams of two battle across the map, with victory as the main goal. Stick with your teammate, since there is a large chance of being double teamed. This mode is not limited time, which means it is here to stay permanently.


- Don't attack at the same location. For example, if 2 enemies are inside a house, rather than attacking from the same window, one person should go inside the house and fire grenades or RPGs, while the other should fire from the window. This way, the enemy will get overwhelmed trying to fight the inside person while the outside enemy is shooting. If both people are shooting form one window, there is a high chance of being blown up by grenades and impulsed into a pump.