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The Dual Beretta(s) are a dual-wielded weapon in ZombsRoyale.io. They spawn as Uncommon and Rare.

Info on Dual Berettas[]

Dual Berettas are pretty much the same as normal Pistols. They have a ridiculous ROF and OK range as well.


  • Being a well close to mid range weapon, people may consider the Berettas to be the best Pistol(s) in the game. Especially rare ones can be lethal.
  • If you prefer more popular choices like SMGs, then Berettas can be a great early game weapon. Even players who use ARs wouldn't stand a chance at the closest range as possible.
  • One thing the Berettas has over SMGs are less drop off damage. Making them more accurate and ideal mid combat guns. Try to hunt for people without ARs, which are susceptibly the main mid-range guns.
    • Also, if you have a very experienced aim, you will dominate with Berettas easily. Each Pistol has no spread at all, making it an absolutely accurate machine gun. Better accuracy is another advantage over SMGs as well.
  • Just like SMGs, the Berettas can shred through obstacles quicker than other Pistols. Although the DPS is not nearly as high as an SMG's, weak obstacles can easily be destroyed and so can mid-strength objects. Thus eliminating protection against the Berettas.


  • In real life, the guns are based off the Beretta series of semi-automatic pistols, but dual wielded.
    • This shows that the Dual Berettas is not two P2000s wielded.
  • For some reason, the P2000 (which is one pistol) takes a second to reload. The Berettas take a second to reload too despite there being one more pistol.
  • Berettas were also another weapon that went through rework like the VSS.
    • The Berettas had their name changed from "Dual Pistols."
    • They now only spawn as Uncommon and Rare.
    • Damage was lowered and ROF was increased.
  • One Beretta has a 12 clip magazine. Making the guns have a 24 clip magazine in total.