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The Dragunov is a mythic sniper only found in golden chests. It has an FOV less than the AWP but greater than most other snipers. The main feature that sets the Dragunov apart from other snipers is its large amount of knockback of each bullet. At medium range it can do up to 50 or 60 damage and on long range it can do up to 70 to 90 damage, the Dragunov also have high bullet speed so the player should fire only half an inch or so in front of their target moving prediction.


  • Always try to use this at medium++ to far+ distance.
  • If you pair this to a high-quality AR and/or a semi-auto and/or a VSS, it would be very op because you could use the semi and/or AR and/or VSS to weaken them and finish them with the Dragunov, or vice-versa.
  • Use the knockback to your advantage. It can be used to push enemies into gunfire, into the storm, out of cover, or to mess with their aim.
  • This sniper can be better than the AWP if used correctly.