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The Deagle is a Pistol in ZombsRoyale.io It spawns as Rare and Epic.

Info on Deagle[]

The Deagle is a slow but devastatingly powerful pistol that shares characteristics of most Snipers - slow rate of fire, far reach and massive damage.


  • If you are inexperienced with slow firing weapons, don’t use the Deagle. Missing shots will cost you dearly, especially when attacked by someone with a fully-automatic weapon.
  • The Deagle requires a good amount of skill to use effectively, and, if used well enough, has the power to take down squads.
  • Timing is very important with the Deagle, being precise is a must. Especially when it comes to facing players who use spammy weapons which require much less skill to use.
  • Some weapons have lower range than the Deagle such as Shotguns; attack players using them while keeping your distance.
  • The Deagle is an excellent early-game weapon like all Pistols and can be used in mid-game situations if used properly, at late-game, you should switch it out for something more spammy for late game or final zone fights.
  • Though most snipers have qualities superior to the Deagle, some players can perform exceptional plays by abusing the movement speed when holding a pistol.


  • This is the parody of the Hand Cannon from Fortnite.
  • Despite it's high level at a rare or epic, it is still widely ignored, as normal snipers are fairly easy enough to find.
  • This weapon was also not remade in the map update.