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Crystal Clash is a game mode in ZombsRoyale.io. You can play this game mode by going to the settings icon in the top right corner, clicking the Join Tournament button and typing CC (for crystal clash) to join. Once joined, this game mode will replace the LTM currently until you refresh the page.


  • Similar to 50v50 except with only 4 players on each side and in a small room with grass, trees and bushes. And there is a crystal on the other team you have to destroy.
  • There are 2 crystals that have 100% health, one for red team and another for blue.
  • The crystals are protected with walls which regenerate.
  • Each player choose a loadout, players on the same team can't have the same loadout.
  • There are guns based off the ones in other game modes.
  • Health will regenerate automatically and shields are unavailable.
  • Respawning takes 8 seconds and it spawns you to somewhere near your crystal.
  • The game will have a timer, if the timer runs out and neither crystal is destroyed, the crystal with more health wins.
  • It is a very fast-paced game, so be quick or you will die easily.


List of Loadouts in order:

  1. Scout: Based off SMG-Good at close range combat and excels at smaller skirmishes. Secondary is based off of the P2000 and does 7 or 8 damage
  2. Rocketeer: Based off RPG-Great at long range and is terrific in group fights. Secondary is based off of the Dual Berettas and does 9 to 11 damage.
  3. Assault: Based off Assault Rifle-Good from all distances and fights. Secondary is the same as the Scout
  4. Shotgunner: Based off Pump Shotgun-Great at short range fights with groups. Secondary is based off of the Revolver and does 15 damage.
  5. Marksman: Based off Bolt-Action Sniper-Great at long range and amazing when accurate. Secondary is based off of the Deagle and does 25 damage.
  6. Each Loadout have a grenade, Scout, Rocketeer, and Assault have a Frag Grenade while the Shotgunner has a Reverse Impulse and the Marksman has a normal Impulse. All the grenades regenerates over time.


Weapons good for damaging the Crystal is the Scout and AR, as they spray pretty fast and deals good damage. Weapons good for killing people are the RPG and Sniper, as they do high damage. The shotgun in this gamemode is honestly not very good, it does 40 damage, shoots slow, and the range is minimal.

When the countdown until start finishes, charge at the enemy crystal with your team so you can also slow down the enemies that try to raid your crystal by killing them, once they are all eliminated, attack the crystal and retreat when they respawn.

The Scout is a good loadout for 1v1s and charging the crystal, Scouts can strafe around the crystal and do high amounts of damage before someone notices.

The Rocketeer is a good weapon to kill off people in tight confines, but be careful because you might blow yourself up as well. A rocket hit does 90+ damage and you can switch to your secondary, the dual berettas, and finish them off quickly.

The Assault is good for spraying the enemy and attacking the crystal, although some people might not like it, it is crucial that you have an assault on your team.

The Shotgunner is just for short range fighting, so defending your base with a shotgunner is a good choice.

The Marksman is a very good loadout if you have good aim and is good for bush camping, you will die within seconds, however, if you are trying to attack the enemy crystal. The low rate of fire will also not be so effective against it, but can still be useful to finish off unsuspecting players (even one shotting them if you are far enough away).

If you are in a sticky situation that you know you are not going to get out of, throw a Frag grenade before you die so you might take out people with you (I don't know about shotgunners or marksmen).

Try to set different roles for you and your teammates. Somebody should defend the crystal and the others should attack the enemy crystal. Also, if you can coordinate really well, a shotgunner and an assault, rocketeer, or scout can work together to do the reverse impulse trick on the enemy.


  • There was a glitch where if players are forced into the wall by using an Impulse Grenade on them, they glitch through the walls, either getting stuck inside it or glitching out of the arena if they use it on a wall that boundaries the arena.
  • At one point, the options on the weapon selection turn into their original selves, this also happens in-game.


  • This is the second game mode that has weapons that aren't seen in any other mode with the first being Weapons Race (the Crossbow).
  • It is the second game mode with automatic health regeneration.
  • It is the sixth game that is technically teams.
  • The Scout's design closely resembles the P90, though the P90 was released much later.