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The Crossbow is a Unique weapon in ZombsRoyale.io, once being featured as an exclusive weapon for the limited-time game mode Weapons Race and is now a Mythic weapon exsisting in most game modes.

Info on Crossbow[]

The Crossbow is a special weapon. It is always found at a Mythic rarity, and deals about 82 (Weapons Race) to 86 damage, depending on range. Recently, its FOV was buffed, giving it a range similar to an AWP. It also shoots 2 arrows, but the speed is annoyingly slow.


  • It is probably confirmed that the Crossbow may be the most difficult ranged weapon to use in the game.
    • In that case, only someone who has an extremely skilled aim and is good at being able to predict targets should master this weapon with ease.
  • Because of it's slow arrows, they are easier to predict and dodge for enemies, therefore, making it less effective at sniping someone who is healing. Otherwise, you can be somewhere between close or mid range where you can deal decent damage (possibly the maximum) and less likely to be noticed by your target.
  • A strategy however is implemented that requires quick switching between weapons but is effective if used properly. Upon firing an arrow, when your enemy moves out of the arrow's way, you may throw an Impulse Grenade to knock them into the arrow to deal significant damage. The slow speed of the arrow will give you more time to react to your strategy. This will however become ineffective at longer range as your FOV will be lost upon switching to Impulse Grenades. Otherwise, a teammate can be used to do this strategy.
  • If you are lucky, you may find stationary targets that barley move or react (which are probably newbies) and easily deal significant damage to them. And possibly kill them with ease.
  • Sometimes, the Crossbow may only be used for a high FOV and not used for battle at all. Therefore, the Crossbow may be used when opening Airdrops to ensure that other players using Sniper Rifles can be easily spotted and evaded without any surprise to sudden death thanks to your high FOV.
  • The arrows will be easier to land at close range, however, please be aware of the major drop off damage from getting to close to a target.
  • Beware of your long reload time, you will easily be vulnerable if an enemy has a gun with fully filled much higher magazine.


  • The Crossbow is the only weapon that has been put into other game modes apart from its own besides the Grappler that has switched from an "all game mode" weapon to a limited time weapon in VIP.
  • Holding a Crossbow gives you the highest FOV in the game along with holding an AWP
  • Archery