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June 21st, 2019[]

New grenade: Gassy Grenade! It is similar to the Smoke Grenade. Except its WAY more dangerous. It is good for end game and fighting in buildings. Does 5 damage every second you're in its attack area.

June 14th, 2019[]

New location! Mystic Forest had replaced the old warehouse with multiple buildings and chests with surprisingly good loot! Go check it out today, or watch the new video about it on the Zombs Royale YouTube channel first if you want! Assault SCAR damage buffed-reduced dmg by a few points.

May 29th, 2019[]

There may be a new location coming to Zombs Royale due to the new season, Mystic Forest(read below about the new season).

May 25th, 2019[]

New Season: Mystic Forest. Earn exclusive rewards from the free pass and battle pass. Something weird is happening to the map... Evolve your evolution skin and parachute! Mobile nicknames are coming!

May 5th, 2019[]

New Location - WIld West.

Explore this land at your own risk...

Shoot 'till you can't no 'mo

New Chest - Western Chest (25 Diamonds)

April 29th, 2019[]

-New Season: Cyberpunk! Collect all the skins and evolve your skins! New Chest: Cyber chest (100) Diamonds

New weapons: ~X-M8(or XM-8) 28 bullets in a clip ~X-Bow (Found in Airdrops) 2 bullets in a clip, shoots 2x faster than a crossbow

-New locations: ~Lucky Lake has dried out!

~Celestial Clouds shrunk into the old house

~Infantry Island has been changed to - Cyber City

~Haunted Hollows crunched into the long gone Fortune Forest

APRIL 10, 2019[]

Trident now does 75 direct damage instead of 105, and 25 indirect

APRIL 9, 2019[]

Bomber base replaced with Radical Reefs

Thor's Hammer vaulted. Replaced with Trident. 105 direct Damage, 20 splash damage.

MARCH 13, 2019[]

Season 7 Is Here, Theme: Nautical Adventures

New Chest- Nautical Chest (100) Gems

- Bug Fixes

When you switch a weapon to another slot it does not make 2 more slots.

February 19th, 2019[]

Zombsroyale.io will be getting a new item - UMP

February 6th, 2019[]

~Season 6 is here! Go from squire to knight and top all the players with the new Season 6: Knights! <

~Thor’s hammer may be getting removed/replaced by another weapon. <

~ Buffing + Nerfing

  • Silenced AR (Nerf) Damage Put.
  • Bolt Action Sniper( Buff) and shoots as fast as Dragunov
  • AK (Nerf) Fire Rate and Reduced Damage Out Put

~Weapons + Items

  • Unvaulted The Following Items
  • SMG
  • Dual Pistols ~Bug Fixes
  • Impulse Grenades no Longer Spam and Fly Everywhere
  • Jumping threw Windows Patched
  • Reverse Impulse Grenades can't Go more then 50 Meters Away

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January 13, 2019[]

New Map area: Celestial Clouds

January 11[]

Weapons + Items

•New weapons; Assault Scar and Thor's Hammer! Found in gold chest and Airdrops respectively, Mythical Rarity only. •New map area- Middle Mansion is replaced by the new mythology town. •Added option to sort by rarity in Cosmetics page

Revolver has been Deleted from the Vault and will no Longer be available in modes or in game.

Vaulted - Grapple Gun

Hunting Rifle Has Reduced Damage from 37/90 Common Rairty 83/86 Uncommon 86/90 [ Buff ]

(Rarity Changes)

Hunting Rifle Removed Rare Rarity and now will remain Common/Uncommon

Reverse Impulse Grenade Changed Uncommon and now remain at/Common

Bolt Action Sniper Mythic Rarity Removed For Uncommon/Rare/Epic

Goo Gun Epic Rarity Removed Now remains Legendary.

( Bug Fixes )

Free fall glitch has been patched to when PC Player use there Loot Key and Space Bar to free fall faster than Normal.

Hunting Rifle Peak Glitched has been patched.

Reverse Impulse Grenades no longer pull Players through Buildings.

December 23 2018[]

•New weapon; Dragunov! Found in gold chest, Mythical Rarity only.

NOTE - We accept your feedback on the news of the vaulting 1. Every "Vaulted" item has potential

of returning to the the game and here ya guys go.

Vault - Revolver, SMG , SMG ( Burst ), Dual Pistols Shurikens, Impulse Grenades.

  • New AR-15 Silenced - found in Gold Chests at Mythic rarity only!
  • Zombies Mode Updated!
  • Some Vaulted weapons are found in Crystal Clash!.

November 29 2018[]

  • Season 4 is Live!
  • NOTE - We have selected the following for Vaulting, But we vault these items due to none of use, or either Overpowered .
  • We also Vault Items to keep the game fair, and add in the weapons for the Future.
  • Vaulted - SMG (Burst), SMG
  • Vaulted weapons will not be available in modes.

November 6 2018[]

  • Two new weapons
  • Grapple gun
  • Grenade launcher
  • New game mode: VIP mode
  • Tactical Shotgun buffed Damaged Increased and new Art

October 15, 2018[]

  • What's Happening Here...
  • Something's taken over the forest and made things very spooky. Check out this new area in all modes!

October 13, 2018[]

  • Season 3 is Live!
  • Unlock the new Battle Pass to earn many exclusive rewards during the season!

October 5, 2018[]

  • New Weapon: Goo Gun!
  • Cover your enemies in poisonous goo with this unique new weapon available in all modes now!
  • Bigger Doors!
  • Gun skin changes!
  • Vaulted - Revolver
  • Halloween skins and battle pass!
  • Windows look better!
  • 50V50 is BACK!

September 18, 2018[]

  • Our newest mode, Space Battle, is now live and features a unique map with new weapons and mechanics!

August 30, 2018[]

  • Portals Have Warped In! Portals are scattered across the map and spawn in random locations. Head inside at your own risk!

August 25, 2018[]

  • Season 2 is live! This season brings a whole new theme: Space! Earn free rewards by playing and buy a Battle Pass to get even more!
  • Added Space Base
  • Map Updates! A new organization has taken over what was once Vibrant Villas - what could they be up to?

August 15, 2018[]

  • Airdrops! Airdrops have been released in all game modes! Seek these out to find one of the 3 new weapons and useful supplies.
  • New Airdrop Weapons! Introducing the Vector, MG36 and AWP! These weapons can only be found in airdrops and pack a serious punch...

August 13th, 2018[]

  • Battle Pass Week 4 challenges are now live! Don't forget to get the Battle Pass before the season ends to claim exclusive rewards!

August 4th, 2018[]

  • New Weapon: P90!
  • Try the all-new powerful SMG in all the gamemodes now! Don't forget to get the Battle Pass before the season ends to claim exclusive rewards!
  • Yep we called it and you guessed it, Impulse Grenades have returned back into Core Game!.

July 23, 2018[]

  • Thanks to everybody for sending feedback about the difficulty of leveling up during the Season! We heard you loud and clear, so we've made it easier to level up and gain stars faster. All you need to do is play one round for your level to update!

July 19, 2018[]

  • Season 1 Begins!
  • We've just launched a major update which kicks off our first official season 1-Prehistoric! Get tons of awesome cosmetics by playing the game and completing challenges daily. Get the Battle Pass to unlock even more awesome rewards! The Battle Pass works on all platforms, but purchasing gems is currently only available on our mobile app.

July 5, 2018[]

  • New weapon:Tommy Gun! Found in chests and crates, the Tommy Gun unleashes 50 rounds of ammunition into your enemies. Get searching!
  • Fixed the position of some building rooftops.
  • Reduced overall stuttering while moving around in-game.
  • Fixed an issue where some player names could cause large text to be shown across the screen.

June 25, 2018[]

  • New game mode: Crystal Clash! Protect your team's crystal and destroy the enemy's in this 4v4 arena mode.
  • Added some optimizations to reset the game better after each round to reduce crashes when playing for long periods of time.

June 7, 2018[]

  • Our brand new map is now live across all platforms! Due to positive feedback received from the limited event we've decided to release the vibrant new map as the official Zombs Royale map across all standard game modes.
  • New limited time mode: Weapons Race! The rules are simple: getting 2 kills upgrades your current weapon to the next. The first person to get to the final, brand new weapon wins!
  • We've also added a new Island map for the limited time mode which is designed to up the action!
  • A new weapon has been added exclusively for Weapons Race. You'll have to get to the final weapon to see it!
  • We've also added some functionality to help reduce memory usage and crashes.

May 31, 2018[]

  • We've added a brand new map that you can play on mobile! Be sure to download the app and give it a go - we'd love to hear your feedback.
  • Multiple weapons have had their look revamped! Check them out in-game.
  • Added the plane path to the large map overlay when in the plane. Press M or hold Tab to view an enlarged map.

May 29, 2018[]

  • Reduced the frequency of crashing and freezing. Please let us know if you continue to experience this issue using the Feedback form.

May 21, 2018[]

  • New limited time event: Zombies! Fight with your friends in this post-apocalyptic world filled with dangerous zombies!
  • The Impulse Grenades have rotated and has headed to the *VAULT*

Impulse Grenades Will return in the Future.

May 9, 2018[]

  • Introducing Z-Coins, Gems, and the official Zombs Royale iOS app (releasing within 24 hours)!
  • Coins have been converted to Z-Coins at a 10:1 ratio. Don't worry, your coin value has not been changed! You will be able to buy the same amount of items we intended.
  • Z-coins can be used to purchase cosmetics and you will be able to earn them through leveling, daily quests, season rewards, mobile rewards, free gifts and more! More details to come.
  • Since regular coins are no longer available, you won't be receiving them after each game - don't worry, there will be more opportunities (such as quests and more) to earn even more Z-Coins to buy cosmetics.
  • You will be able to gain Z-Coins through various methods. Please be aware that these methods are currently not all available on web.
  • Gems can be purchased with real money and spent on exclusive Zombs chests that have additional items!
  • Cosmetics chests are currently available only for iOS, but will be available on web and Android very soon!
  • The iOS app is currently being launched and may take up to 24 hours to launch in all regions.

May 5, 2018[]

  • Superpower Mode is now Duo Mode! In addition you also now have a random power at the beginning of a game. Invite a friend and compete against other pairs to see who can obtain the most power and achieve victory!
  • Energy gems no longer drop in lobby when someone exits the game.
  • Energy gems no longer drop an incorrect amount.
  • Leaderboards should show correct ranks for kills per round.
  • Deagles only spawn certain tiers.
  • The "out-of-ammo" message will disappear correctly between rounds.

May 3, 2018[]

  • New limited game mode: Superpower Mode! When someone is eliminated they will drop Energy Gem(s) that power up the player who picks them up. There are 4 types of gems: Power, Defense, Move Speed and Bullet Speed! As you accumulate power you will begin to see new and exciting effects.
  • Deagle damage has been increased.
  • Deagle now only spawn as Epic or Legendary.
  • Revolvers now only spawn as Uncommon, Common, or Rare.
  • Fixed a party UI bug that showed the same teammate twice or sometimes your teammate would not appear at all in the UI.
  • Fixed player messages and emotes overlapping with names.
  • Fixed revive icon showing through roofs.
  • Fixed "out of ammo" message not going away after leaving a game.

April 30, 2018[]

  • Added a new weapon: Deagle! This mighty handgun has huge potential if you can land your shots.
  • Fixed a small bug where an error could occur when hitting play again.
  • Added more informative error and status messaging throughout the game.

April 26, 2018[]

  • New limited game mode: 50v50 with Building Blocks (Beta)! Press Q to go into building mode, click or hold down the mouse to start building blocks! Loot and ammo in this mode are significantly buffed. Gather wood from damaging & destroying trees or destroying & opening wooden crates. Be careful when building near structures! You cannot build inside or near structures or on top of ammo & weapons on the ground.
  • Leaderboard now updates instantly - if you continue to have issues please report them via the Feedback button.
  • Minigun has been reworked; damage has been increased, while shooting you now move even slower, damage to structures have been significantly increased, and reload sound has been replaced.
  • New unique daily quests have been added to give it more variety.
  • Players who leave a game now drop all their weapons and ammo.
  • Fixed a bug for not getting kill credits properly when a squad is wiped.
  • Fixed a bug where certain modes were unavailable after coming into the main menu after a game.

April 23, 2018[]

  • You wanted it, so it's here: Squads! Invite 3 of your friends to help you decimate enemy squads and be the crowned champions of Zombs Royale!
  • Improved overall game performance - You should notice less lag spikes and an overall smoother experience in-game.
  • Added a small widget to the main menu to show when you'll receive level up rewards.
  • Emotes and messages no longer overlap.
  • You can now cycle through party members when spectating.
  • Disconnected players will have correct names on the end-game screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the door prompt will remain when no longer near a door.

April 22, 2018[]

  • New Weapon: Minigun! Unleash fury on your enemies with a brand new minigun found in chests and crates around the map.
  • Zombie Mode has been extended for 24 hours!
  • Added new icons to the in-game HUD.

April 19, 2018[]

  • New limited game mode: Zombie Mode! Play with up to 3 of your friends or use our auto-filler. The rules are simple, be the last squad to survive against zombies and other teams. There are significantly more loot available. As time goes by more zombies will attack. Be careful during night times as zombies become enraged!
  • Grenades have been significantly buffed, Cactus Bomb remains unchanged. All other grenades can be thrown at twice the distance, their trigger times have all increased to compensate for this buff. Frag, Reverse Impulse, and Impulse grenades have had their AOE increased.
  • Added a feedback button: let know what you think about Zombs Royale, issues, or suggestions you may have.

April 18, 2018[]

  • Reverse Impulse Grenade has a slightly new look.
  • Added a new and exciting loading background!

April 16, 2018[]

  • Added a new grenade: Reverse Impulse Grenade! Pull yourself or enemies to the center of this grenade.
  • Thank you all for your feedback, we have looked at the feedbacks and where told Shurikens were having some Minor Bugs So we have decided to send it to the Vault.
  • Vaulted- Shurikens
  • All grenades no longer have a minimum range, this means you can throw a grenade at your feet.
  • Added a new logo.
  • Updated Facebook and Twitter links.
  • Removed ticker sound when counting on end game screen.

April 15, 2018[]

  • In case you miss it, 50v50 mode will be available for another 24 hours.
  • 50v50 missing HUD bug fixed.
  • 50v50 persistent sound bug fixed.
  • You will now receive kill credit on knocked players even when your teammate kills them.

April 14, 2018 (Update 2)[]

  • Added a new limited time game mode: 50v50! Two teams battling across the entire map for glorious victory! Play 10 rounds in this game mode to earn a bonus 500 coins.
  • Fixed an issue where accounts could not pass level 50.
  • Fixed an infrequent issue where some quests would not progress correctly.

April 14, 2018[]

  • Flamethrower now ignites! When a player is ignited they take damage over time, with each damage refreshing the ignite duration.
  • Added a new healing item: Hybrid Potion. Heals both health and shield over time.
  • We've added fixes to leaderboards to make it update faster.
  • Improved server stability, games will disconnect significantly less.

April 13, 2018[]

  • Added a new weapon: Flamethrower! This weapon is a Unique weapon. Shurikens are also now marked as Unique.
  • Added out of ammo message and sound effect.
  • More daily quest variety has been added.
  • Redesigned end of game screen to have additional information.

April 12, 2018[]

  • United States region has been split into US West and US East.
  • Doors now swing both ways, they will be pushed when you open them.
  • There are now significantly more crates around the map.
  • Spacebar to freefall, in addition to "E".
  • Added a circular experience progress "bar" around your avatar on the main menu.
  • Added a graphics quality option, this is located to the right of "Region" selection.
  • Added a warning for hardware acceleration if user is experiencing extremely low FPS.

April 11, 2018[]

  • Added a new weapon: Cactus Bomb! The bomb will explode into a bunch of mini cacti that bounce around and deal damage. This weapon is extremely strong when used inside a building.
  • The following weapons no longer have auto fire (holding down mouse): Pump Shotgun, Bolt-Action Sniper, RPG, and all grenades.
  • You now move faster when unarmed, skins such as the Noob Hammer are classified as unarmed.
  • You can now cancel reload by shooting, as long as you have ammo available in the current clip.
  • Plane's path is now more varied.
  • Fixed bug where a few users were unable to log in with Facebook or Google.

April 10, 2018[]

  • Added some information to leaderboards indicating that they're currently a few hours delayed.
  • Your teammate's name will now be displayed alongside yours on the end-of-game screen.
  • Loading the game on HTTPS will work more reliably.
  • Added a large parachute icon above teammates when they deploy from the plane in Duo mode.
  • Landing on top of buildings won't push you far away anymore.
  • Teammate position indicators no longer appear when they are dead.

April 8, 2018[]

  • Chat has been added! Press Enter to bring up the UI, click on nearby/party to toggle between the two channels. You can also type /s or /p followed by a space key which will change the channels quicker.
  • Added three new emotes: Need Ammo, Need Healing, and Need Weapon. Be sure to equip these in Cosmetics before you queue up into a Duo mode for quicker communication!
  • Improved name tags - they can now be seen through roofs, trees, and any other object in their way.
  • Improved landing near/on buildings, you will now slide off near the edge of a building when you try to land on one.

April 6, 2018[]

  • Added a new weapon: VSS!
  • Added more invite options: join party by typing invite code, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Optimized in-game loading to help fix freezing mid game.
  • Made reviving easier when near doors or items.
  • Increased revive HP from 10 to 30, increased knocked down movement.
  • Fixed impulse effects to work on teammates.
  • Fixed doors not opening sometimes.
  • Fixed leaderboards and quests.
  • Fixed winning a game with rank "0th" or 2nd place no longer happens.
  • Fixed a bug with auto matchmaking that allowed others to join your party.

April 5, 2018[]

  • Duo Mode is finally here! This is our initital release, if you have issues please report them to our Discord
  • When you solo queue into Duo, you will be matched with someone on the same server in the lobby.
  • The region queued is based on the party leader's region.
  • You can drop half your ammo by clicking on the ammo indicator at the bottom right.
  • Added fullscreen! Replaced map icon with fullscreen icon.
  • The map icon has been moved to the left of the minimap.
  • Crates can now be interacted to open just like gold chests. They are still destructible.
  • Fixed some freezing issues.

April 2, 2018[]

  • Added a new weapon: AR-15!
  • Mouse performance is now smoother on lower end hardware.
  • Shurikens have been completely overhauled.
  • Smoke Grenade AOE is now significantly larger.
  • Frag grenades now explode faster at a larger radius.

March 30, 2018[]

March 28, 2018[]

  • Added helpful hints to the loading screen.
  • Restricted Kills per Round stat on Leaderboards to require 5 rounds played.
  • Minor text changes.

March 26, 2018[]

  • Added leaderboards! [MAJOR CHANGE]
  • Customisation has been reworked and renamed to Cosmetics.
  • Emotes order is now customizable in the Cosmetics tab.
  • Buffed dual pistols damage.
  • Fixed Discord link to direct correctly.

March 25, 2018[]

  • Added Dual Pistols! [MAJOR CHANGE]
  • Added Smoke Grenades! [MAJOR CHANGE]
  • Impulse Grenade AOE increased! Also has a new graphic. (Made by AlextheTroller)
  • Nerfed Pump Shotgun: bullet travel distance decreased.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

March 24, 2018[]

  • Upgraded the main menu UI.
  • Added daily challenges that reward with various things! [MAJOR CHANGE]
  • Improved server stability.
  • Now gas kills are displayed in the kill feed.
  • Shortened lobby wait time when enough people join.

March 21, 2018[]

  • Added Impulse Grenades. [MAJOR CHANGE]
  • Tweaked grenades to detonate faster.
  • Added spectate mode.
  • Fixed various UI bugs.

March 20, 2018[]

  • Grenades were added into the game. [MAJOR CHANGE]
  • Youtubers are now featured in the main menu screen.
  • Winning no longer instantly restarts the game.
  • Fixed a bug where rooftops would stay when the building is destroyed.
  • Reduced the overall size of the game.
  • Decreased loading time.

March 19, 2018[]

  • Brown huts are now destructible. [MAJOR CHANGE]
  • You can now drop items. Simply drag and drop them on the ground. [MAJOR CHANGE]
  • Added shiny animations to crates.
  • You can see how high other players are when parachuting.
  • Added sound effects to doors.
  • Rocket AOE no longer goes through all objects. [MAJOR CHANGE]
  • Improved server stability.

March 18, 2018[]

  • Added Doors to certain buildings. [MAJOR CHANGE]
  • Added a tooltip when holding a healing item.
  • Swapping weapons no longer forces the gun to shoot.
  • Firing bullets into buildings no longer clips under the outside area.
  • When in game, the browser will give you a prompt if you accidentally close the window.

March 17, 2018[]

  • Added freefall mechanic for parachutes. [MAJOR CHANGE]
  • Updated the end game screen to display more information.
  • Fixed Cool emote not being usable in the first round after unlocking it.

March 14, 2018[]

  • Initial launch. We're working on the problems!