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Cactus bombs are a type of throwable weapon with a legendary grade found in any crate, barring of course the ammo crate. For a summary, see the tips and tricks page.

Cactus bombs are thrown like a grenade and, after a short timer, release countless tiny thorns that fly in all directions and bounce off walls. While they can bounce and infinite number of times, hitting either a player or any object that can take damage will destroy the thorn in question. Upon contact, each thorn deals ten damage to the player. Combined with the ricochet effect, these bombs can be devastating when used in the right situations. Beware, however, as the thorns will deal equal damage to yourself. A bomb is never a good choice for a close combat weapon!


Since cactus bombs are one of the more complicated weapons, and using them comes with experience, the best way to learn is to simply pick them up and play. Here are some general guidelines for when to use, and more importantly, when to not use one of our green friends. Note that the cactus bomb, like any explosives, cannot damage duo or squad allies.\

Before throwing, check the following: 1. Will the spikes hit you? If so, do not throw the bomb 2. Can your opponent easily duck into cover? If so, don't waste the bomb.

Optimal situations are as follows: 1. Enemy is in a small blue or brown house with one door. Open the door, toss it in, and close the door. The resulting thorns will severely harm if not kill enemies inside. Just be sure to shut that door. 2. Enemy is on the other side of a wall from you, outdoors. For example, when on opposing sides of a house, they can be thrown to the side if you duck back for some chip damage on your opponent. 3. Allies are engaged in a fight in a building. Since the bomb cannot hurt allies, throwing it in will lead to large amounts of splash supporting damage and mass confusion for your enemies as they are hit from all sides.

Please bomb responsibly.


  • It is the only weapon that is a myth and not seen in real life.
    • It is also the only plant-based weapon. Having a cactus