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Bursts are a type of weapon in ZombsRoyale.io.

Strategy for Bursts[]

  • Wait inside of a building. When someone comes, open the door as they're right outside of it and attack.

Info on Bursts[]

Bursts are different versions of a normal counterpart. They shoot a thin spread of ammo in the direction you shoot them in. While one or two bursts still shoot like their normal counterpart, most bursts shoot in quick, well, bursts of bullets, with a little pause in between each volley.

List of Bursts[]

This is a list of all the bursts currently in-game.

Name Burst


Damage Spread Speed Ammo


Reach Ammo




Assault Rifle (Burst) AR Med Low+ Med++ Medium Far 30 3.0 Seconds
SMG (Burst) SMG Med Low+ Fast Small Med+ 30 1.0 Seconds
Burst Pistol Pistol Med Med- Med++ Small Med 15 1.0 Seconds

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