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The Bolt Action Sniper is a Sniper Rifle used in ZombsRoyale.io, it spawns as Uncommon-Mythic.

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Info on Bolt-Action Sniper[]

The Bolt-Action Sniper is the third strongest sniper in the game, capable of practically being able to one-shot a player with high health. They are masters in the art of long range kills, and a master carrier can make it virtually unstoppable.


  • Always be far away from a target when using the BAS. Get too close, you will face major drop off damage and die within seconds.
    • Also pay attention to the slowed down speed you receive when holding the Bolt. Someone who noticed you could chase you down to get in close, making you defenseless if you don't switch to another weapon. If you don't have any other weapons, switch to your melee and run away.
  • If you miss a target, he/she is most likely going to notice the bullet fly past him/her and start shooting towards your location out of defensive fear. To make sure this doesn't happen, relocate to a different angle to confuse your enemy.
  • The easiest kills are players who don't move around very often. You can easily get easy aims onto them and deal a nice 62-74 damage. When countering those who move a lot or are great at dodging, you are better off using an AR.
    • However, a strategy that is used to counter moving targets is recommended if you are experienced at aiming. You can determine where the enemy will be in the next second and shoot slightly in front of the enemy. Don't keep your aim always lined up with the enemy, the bullet won't stay with your aim and miss.
  • A good strategy is to pair the Bolt with an AR, preferably an AR-15 (normal or silenced) or a Scoped M4. If your enemy tanks your shot, then you can spam at the enemy with an AR to finish off the last bit of their health, thanks to the fast ROF and high DPS of the AR. A harder, but extremely effective strategy can be used with another Bolt or similar weapon.
  • Getting into a fight with someone else using a Bolt or a similar weapon can be lethal. You are slowed down even more when you are reloading the Bolt, which can happen frequently as the Bolt only carries one bullet in its magazine, making you a more vulnerable target. When you have fired the bullet and miss, and if you are good at quick-switching, you can move freely when switching to something else and hide behind cover to reload.
  • A lot of items can be destroyed by a Bolt in one bullet if far away enough. This can be useful for destroying cover for enemies, however, this doesn't mean sniping will be hard in areas dense of objects. They all can't be destroyed fast by a Bolt. When shooting at a stronger object, you are better off using a higher DPS weapon.
  • When running away, don't hold out this weapon, or enemies can easily chase you to your doom.


  • The Dragunov is the presumed mythic form of Bolt Action Sniper, although there is now a mythic verison of the Bolt available.
  • The old and current designs of the Bolt-Action Sniper resemble Winchester rifles that were created sometime after the mid 1900s.
  • Despite the Bolt-Action shown as a parody of the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle from Fortnite, the AWP’s physical appearance resembles Fortnite’s Bolt-Action more.
    • In fact, in Fortnite's 7.30 patch, the Bolt was vaulted, however, the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle in ZombsRoyale still exists.
  • The Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle is the only gun that slows you down when reloading.
  • Along with the Crossbow, AWP, RPG, Dragunov and Thor’s Hammer/Trident of the Depths, the Bolt has the smallest magazine in the game having only 1 bullet.