ZombsRoyale.io Wiki

Bandages are healing items in ZombsRoyale.io, they take one second to use, stack-able up to 10 and heals up to 75 HP and heals 15 HP for one bandage.


  • Bandages are an extremely useful replacement for MedKits, if you find Bandages, pick them up and try to find another 5 to get 10 of them.
  • Since Bandages take one second to use, it is less dangerous to use them out in the open than it is to use a MedKit. The short use time will allow you to react faster to sniper shots. However, this requires the best reaction time as possible, so healing out in the open with bandages is overall never recommended unless you want to play risky.
    • To prevent players using Sniper Rifles to easily line up shots against you, go inside a house, close the doors, make sure you are at an angle where you could see players who could potentially enter the house and at the same time keep you safe from incoming snipes.
  • Bandages heal up to 75 HP which is pretty good for having high HP. However, 75 HP is often a bad choice, shots from Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles, AWPs, Dragunovs and Crossbows can easily one shot you. Even if you are proficient at dodging sniper shots from the said weapons, it is best to drink even Small Shields Potions to make sure you could tank a shot.
  • Sometimes, 8 Bandages is preferable over 2 MedKits, as you will need to worry much less about finding an object that can stack up more.
  • A great combo with Bandages is using a Hybrid Potion, you may drink it any time before or after 75 health. Make sure you don't end up slightly past 75 HP or your combo will be foiled as you can't use Bandages past 75 HP.