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The Assault Shotgun is a shotty in ZombsRoyale.io, it spawns as Rare and Epic.

Info on Assault Shotgun[]

The Assault Shotgun is the newest Shotgun, with less spread and faster firing than the other Shotguns.


  • Beware of the AS's tighter bloom, this makes missing shots more punishing despite the faster ROF compared to the Pump Shotgun.
    • However, the better accuracy makes it more efficient at mid-range. Unlike the Pump Shotgun or Tactical, the damage of the shells are going to be dropped off by a smaller amount.
  • Given that the AS is a Shotgun, it is effective in house-fights. Unlike the Pump Shotgun, the AS is surprisingly better off being used outdoors. Due to its accuracy making it better for attacks between close and mid range.
    • If you are lucky, you can get close and deal the maximum damage, which can possibly obliterate a target in one single hit if you catch the target off-guard with low health. Try to ambush people who are healing.
  • An easier way of using the Assault Shotgun is to hold down the right-click and spam-fire at a target. This can be used against enemies who are extremely good at dodging, however, trap them in a corner first, then spam-fire at them, so then they will have very little room for dodging and can't proceed any further away from you to keep distance.
  • You may not need an SMG when using the AS, as the AS is semi-automatic and can spam high damage shots already. However, you may want to keep one just in case you encounter someone who is very fast on their keys and hard to aim at.
  • In fact, IF you encounter someone using an SMG, that is when you have to have the best aim as possible, SMGs require a quite small amount of aiming skill to easily shred someone. You may risk having low health if you win, as both weapons have nearly the same max DPS, except an SMG’s is slightly higher.
  • If you would wish to take time at aiming, don't spam, time the enemy, then fire when you know the shots will hit. Otherwise, this strategy can be dangerous if your enemy is using a spammy weapon, where they could tear you down in seconds if you don't proceed to at least try to hit the enemy.


  • Both designs of the Assault Shotgun resemble this semi-automatic shotgun known as the Benelli M4 Super 90. The Benelli is also a combat shotgun, which is the main Shotgun type of the AS.
    • In fact, there is a weapon called the AS known as the Auto Assault-12 (AA-12). The AS for some reason does not even resemble it one bit.
  • The Assault Shotgun is supposedly a parody of the Heavy Shotgun from Fortnite.