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The Assault SCAR is a special Assault Rifle in ZombsRoyale.io, it spawns as a Mythic.

Info on Assault SCAR[]

The Assault SCAR is an extremely powerful mythic weapon in zombs royale that fires an explosive bullet every 6th shot. Usually found in gold crates, it consumes medium ammo.


  • If you want to unleash some explosion on an enemy but also maintain a fast ROF, the Assault SCAR is for you.
  • Being an extremely accurate weapon with an explosive bullet, the Assault SCAR will deal a higher DPS than the M4 and it's normal counterpart if aimed correctly and missing little to no hits.
  • The Assault SCAR can also be sprayed at an opponent to make the bullets harder to dodge, note that the explosive bullet may miss sometimes when spraying. Otherwise, use the Upgraded SCAR on multiple enemies in a clump to ensure that the explosive bullet will hit.
  • Unlike other ARs, the Assault SCAR has a bigger reason to not be used as a close range weapon. You will likely be inside of the splash radius of the explosive bullet and easily hurt yourself with it, the fast ROF means that the sixth shot (explosive bullet) will be fired frequently thus unleashing all of the damage on you. Therefore, the Assault SCAR should only be used at mid or long range.
  • Sometimes in a rare occasion, you may find your teammates wielding the A-SCARs as well as yourself. Multiple people on the same side who all use the A-SCAR can create mass destruction and a roaring bullet hell.
  • Spamming is key.


  • The Assault SCAR is the only Assault Rifle to have explosive features.
  • It is one of the 3 upgraded ARs, the others being Silenced AR-15 and Scoped M4 (which is damn loud ngl)
  • The Assault SCAR is also based of the SCAR-H/L just like it's normal counterpart, however, this time, there is a grenade launcher attached to it, which means that the sixth shot is not an explosive bullet, but a grenade.
  • While the regular SCAR has a higher bullet damage, the Assault SCAR is completely overpowered because of the explosive bullet.